Geo Tracking and the 'Gay Bathhouse' Argument


I'm continuing a kind of highlight or analysis of my conversation with Philip bump in The Washington Post. And he disputes the validity or at least precision and the accuracy of geo tracking based upon an expert that he interviewed one guy who said, well, it's only accurate to about 30 feet. Well, that's not true. But let's say it is true. I don't think it changes our conclusions at all. For the simple reason that you've got a Dropbox. And you've got a mule within 30 feet, remember a human body is 5 or 6 feet. So 30 feet puts you basically within three or four human lengths of the Dropbox. You're in that vicinity. You're in that geofence or circle. Okay. And if it was only one Dropbox, you could make you could say, well, wait a minute. Maybe the guy was stopped to eat some popcorn. Or was reaching for his wallet? It happened to stop within that radius, but this is why true the votes high bar and by the high bar I mean, ten or more drop boxes. Totally settles the issue, because quite frankly, if you're within 30 feet of ten or more dropboxes, obviously you are going to those drop boxes to do what? Well, there's only one thing you can do. So you remember these aren't post boxes. You can't be writing a letter to your best friend from college. These drop boxes have one purpose. And that is to put in mail in ballots. They're ballot dropboxes. So the only reason to go to them is to dump ballots. So in fact, there's a guy who made a comment on social media. He goes, dinesh, you know, he goes, listen, he goes, what if I were to show that your phone was within 30 feet of a bunch of gay bath houses? Would you be okay with me saying that your regular frequenter of gay bathhouses dinesh and that I have proof that you that you that you did that? And I replied in a kind of a quote tweet and I say, hey, pal, listen. If you can find my phone within 30 feet of let's say ten or more gay bath houses in the period of let's say two weeks, yeah, you can reasonably conclude that I'm a regular customer. Why else would I be within the close vanity vicinity of not one not two? Not three, but ten or more bathhouses. So yes, use your own common sense and draw your own

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