Delano Squires on the One Thing Democrats Hold Over Black Communities


How do we get around this issue of 90 plus percent of the black community votes Democrat? An issue like an abortion which should be a very personal choice, a choice about your values your ethics is suddenly radicalized in one direction racialized by a party. And then when you look at the actual facts, take the politics out of it, you look at the fact that 40% of all abortions are black babies. Correct. Despite the fact that the black population is only 12% of the nation and you've got hang on, there's a factor of four more black abortions. I don't want to be monolithic, but doesn't the black community ever get pissed and say, that's just wrong. Yeah, I mean, it's complex. So there are black voters, many of whom are socially conservative who are personally and I'm sure you heard this term personally pro life, right? But politically pro choice. Right. That's the classic politicians get out. Correct, right? And you saw this actually when during the 2020 campaign where particularly older black church going women were seen to be the demographic group that was going to help at that time, candidate Joe Biden in South Carolina, for instance, in that primary. And there are a lot of women, particularly in that category. It is a paradox because these are people again who, if you ask them whether they think a man can become a woman, they probably say no. If you ask them whether they think abortion should be legal up until 9 months, they'd probably say no. But they vote for Democrats anyway. And I think a big part of it is because the one thing that Democrats hold, in my opinion, over the black community is the issue of race and racism. So what they do is they say, well, if you don't vote for us, you're going to get the Republicans and they're going to take you back to Jim Crow two.

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