Arizona's Gubernatorial Candidate Karrin Taylor-Robson on Inflation


About inflation as well. Huge issue here in Arizona, rents are going up. You said 40% year over year. Year over year in the class C apartments, which are the lowest priced apartment rents. That's always the bell weather. And when those prices start coming up, people are getting priced out of any type of housing. And on the single-family homes, we have about two weeks supply in the Phoenix market. So it is a seller's market right now. And that's why prices are going up the way they are. And, you know, I am a free market capitalist. This is about supply and demand. We have more people moving to Arizona and we can't deliver fast enough to the market because it's not just the rising prices or part of the reason that we're having the rising prices is we can't get the supplies. You can't get Windows. You can't get toilets. You can't, you know, our home builders could sell more houses, but they can't build them. Not only can they not get supplies, but they don't have the workers to build the houses. So it's quite a conundrum. And it's going to take a while to work itself out. And then you add on top of that, inflation. And energy prices, which is leading to the inability to have a functioning supply chain. It's a mess. And I lay the blame right at the feet of Joe Biden in this administration. And Phoenix, you could say with groceries and gas, rent, I mean, it's 40 to 45% more expensive this year than last year. And

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