Janet Morana Tells Us the Truth About 'Jane Roe'


Janet. As we were coming into the studio, you said you mentioned something that you both know a certain lady who for 49 years has been known as Janet Jane roe. Tell us who she really was and because a lot of misinformation about her attitude to abortion after the decision. So who is Jane roe? Norma mccorvey, who I could say is a personal friend of mine. I stated her home in Dallas. She stayed at my home in New York. Father Frank actually brought her into the Catholic Church. In fact, Norma mccorvey never had an abortion. What? No, never. In fact, she was taken advantage of basically. She was basically homeless. She already had two babies at a wedlock that her family, one was for adoption, her mother was raising one. And over a pizza lunch, she signed for Sarah waiting to know the dotted line. She got will help you take care of your pregnancy. She signs on the dotted line. Do you think she spent one day in court? Not one day. Never heard from Sarah really. And then the day, roe V wade's decided. Do you think your lawyer would pick up the phone and say we won Norma? You know how she found out when she opened her door that morning and picked up the Dallas morning paper. So I don't understand if she hadn't had an abortion, but she wasn't involved in the hearings. What was her utility to the industry of death? Why did they need her? Well, they were looking actually, you know, to find someone like her, not well educated and kind of desperate situation who just would be used like a puppet. And in fact, the companion case that day, the Doe of dovey Bolden, father Frank and I know her too. Both ladies are Sandra kino. Same thing. She was her case was coming up through Georgia, while enormous was coming up through Texas. And Sandra signed on the dotted line thinking, she never two children back out of foster care. It was her mother who wanted her to put this child. And when Sandra found out, she left Georgia to Oklahoma to give birth to that

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