Kash Patel: Possible Indictments to Expect From John Durham


Stuff Do you think there's going to be any legal consequence for higher ups your mccabe Comey clapper Hillary any of them or just one or two or none I mean where do you see this going I see there's a couple more indictments I see coming from John Durham probably one of the FBI probably won a fusion GPS because they orchestrated this whole thing with the Clinton campaign and made millions in light to the world And I think they lied to Congress too Glenn Simpson another guy who I interrogated in line And I think it gets to Andy mccabe I don't think it gets any higher than that You know I've been thinking about this for four or 5 years in the form of a prosecutor I was just like those guys call me Clinton clapper Brennan They're just so smart and they're so evil That's the problem that they've covered their tracks and it would be very hard to make a case against them Now it doesn't mean that John Durham is not going to annihilate them in the report But you and I both want indictment accountability And I think if we get any mccabe the FBI fusion GPS then this is going to make Watergate look like Sunday afternoon tea And so it's going to be I think that's where he's going I hope that's where he's going And he's got the investigation to prove it But the other thing speaking about John Brennan remember this guy briefed Barack Obama when he was president in 2016 That Hillary Clinton was running a disinformation operation against president Trump What I want to know Why isn't that memo been declassified Where is it Where is it

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