John Zmirak and Eric Reflect on the Iraq Invasion


There are certain things you can't make up. I mean, I want to frame this again for people who aren't paying attention because maybe they're not, they're not tracking, I was for the Iraq invasion back when. You were against it. And I remember talking to you and not understanding, I thought, aren't all conservatives for this isn't Saddam Hussein, a monster. And by the way, of course, he was a truly evil monster. There's no doubt about that. But it didn't occur to me at the time that there are reasons not to attack Saddam Hussein and so on and so forth. So I was for it. All these years later, thanks to not just John's mirac, but Donald Trump, we have had a reevaluation. And I think that people now realize not only was it wrong, but it was a disaster on many levels. And then we start understanding that all the people who got us into the many messages in which we are today also got us into the mess of the Iraq War. It's the neocons. It's not magga people. It's not people who want to put America first. It's globalists. It is really tremendously wicked. And so here you have George Bush, do the ultimate Freudian slips of all time. So wonderful. It's the sort of thing that Will Ferrell would make up on SNL or something. But no, no, this actually happened. It's so great. I mean, the underlying reality is grotesque. We are, we killed between 507 100,000 civilians in our invasion of Iraq, which was based on false intelligence and made up junk intelligence that the neocons were shoving past the FBI and putting straight into The White House. There were hundreds of experts saying there are no weapons of mass destruction. The UN inspector said there are no weapons of mass destruction. Nobody had any real evidence of weapons of mass distraction. Colin Powell gets goes in front of the UN with doctored photos that don't represent what he says they are. Condoleezza Rice says, we don't want the next smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud in Manhattan. They use our trauma over 9 11 to make us think that Saddam Hussein is building nukes and is going to smuggle them into America. They make us think he was involved in 9 11, which he wasn't. They make us think he was getting uranium, which he couldn't. I mean, it was just this for rago of lies. And I guess Eric, you're a nicer person, maybe because you grew up in Connecticut, you didn't think your own political leaders of your own party were lying to you to get back. No, of course I

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