Understanding the Reagan Doctrine


But Reagan's position was you can't contain them They're spreading into Africa They're spreading into our hemisphere and violation of the Monroe doctrine And so while we play the game of containment they play the game of confrontation So the Reagan doctrine is based on a principle that you go on the offensive Wisely prudently but no more containment And he was therefore considered particularly by Washington and the Republican establishment as you can imagine By the Putin oids today As wildly out of control and they use the word interestingly enough escalation as you hear the pute noids isolationists pacifists of today They use the same word Escalation Reagan is going to escalate They also said that the Soviet Union would use its nukes Against the United States and its allies So you're getting basically a regurgitation of the arguments that were used by the Democrat and Republican establishments in Washington D.C. even though the pute noise pretend that there's somehow plowing new ground They're not plowing new ground These were the arguments that were made by the likes of Jimmy Carter By the likes of George McGovern That are made by the likes today of a Bernie Sanders And Reagan would have rejected all of it As Donald Trump has rejected if not all of it a lot of it

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