How Fragile Is China Today? David Goldman Explains


Fragile is China today? Demographically, especially after the decades of the one child rule. Is it a paper Tiger or can it overcome its internal limitations demographically? Well, it is fragile, but I don't think it's doomed. China took a population of poor farmers who had lots of kids, moved them to cities where the average person has 35 m² of living space, turned them into a modern country with very few children. As a result, their aging very quickly, their aging about as fast as Germany, not as not as fast as say either Japan or Korea or Taiwan. But ultimately, that's a crisis for them. The belt and road initiative. Has the purpose of requiring into the Chinese economy dozens of countries with lots of young people. If you don't have enough babies, you can do two things. One is you can get immigrants to come to you, young people, the other thing is you can export your capital to where there are young people and get them to work for you. So just in the past two years, China's exports to the global south have doubled.

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