Are You Ready for the PHD Weight Loss Nutrition Program?


COVID. You just want to get healthy. You want to take off ten, 20, 40, 50 pounds, my son, Brian said, dad, how have you been losing this weight? I said it's called PhD weight loss and nutrition. He said, well, I need to lose about 2021 pounds. Yep, he hit his goal last week. 21 pounds of weight loss for my oldest son. This is an extraordinary program. And you got to be ready to make the commitment. You're never hungry? I had a nice turkey burger last night with some mozzarella cheese. I had cauliflower slices instead of buns because you don't eat bread or buns. Sometimes I feel like a big, I feel like a big quarter pounder with cheese. I get the quarter pounder with cheese and I go get the cauliflower slices and put the quarter powdered cheese between those two slices and they taste great and that's all approved. I mean, I could go all day long on the food to eat. I had the PhD oatmeal this morning with some half and half. Apple cinnamon oatmeal. Scrambled eggs, here's what it starts with the phone call to make to book your consultation. Here's their number. 8 6 four two 5 two 49 25. You could write it down 8 6 four two 5 two 49 25 or just go online, their website is my PhD weight

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