Curry, Thompson lead Warriors past Morant, Grizzlies 142-112


The the the the warriors warriors warriors warriors enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy a a a a two two two two games games games games to to to to one one one one lead lead lead lead in in in in the the the the Western Western Western Western Conference Conference Conference Conference finals finals finals finals after after after after blowing blowing blowing blowing out out out out the the the the Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies one one one one forty forty forty forty two two two two one one one one twelve twelve twelve twelve Golden Golden Golden Golden State State State State actually actually actually actually trailed trailed trailed trailed by by by by seven seven seven seven at at at at halftime halftime halftime halftime before before before before torching torching torching torching mentors mentors mentors mentors for for for for seventy seventy seventy seventy eight eight eight eight points points points points the the the the warriors warriors warriors warriors opened opened opened opened the the the the third third third third quarter quarter quarter quarter on on on on a a a a ten ten ten ten run run run run Steph Steph Steph Steph curry curry curry curry dropped dropped dropped dropped in in in in thirty thirty thirty thirty points points points points in in in in thirty thirty thirty thirty five five five five minutes minutes minutes minutes while while while while fellow fellow fellow fellow splash splash splash splash brother brother brother brother Klay Klay Klay Klay Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson had had had had twenty twenty twenty twenty one one one one points points points points and and and and nine nine nine nine rebounds rebounds rebounds rebounds Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Poole Poole Poole Poole chipped chipped chipped chipped in in in in twenty twenty twenty twenty seven seven seven seven points points points points off off off off the the the the bench bench bench bench John John John John Moran Moran Moran Moran delivered delivered delivered delivered seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen of of of of his his his his thirty thirty thirty thirty four four four four points points points points by by by by intermission intermission intermission intermission but but but but he he he he limped limped limped limped off off off off at at at at six six six six nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen remaining remaining remaining remaining rubbing rubbing rubbing rubbing his his his his tender tender tender tender right right right right knee knee knee knee the the the the warriors warriors warriors warriors host host host host game game game game four four four four on on on on Monday Monday Monday Monday I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

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