The Tanking US Economy and Manchin's BIG Mistake


Okay, we got inflation. We got tons of inflation, and you know what else we have? Even though they don't want to tell you this, even though they're trying to spin this one, you know, does it feel like a recession? Do you feel like you're in a recession? I would say most Americans would say it certainly feels pretty unpleasant. Well, we have now seen two negative quarters of growth, lack of growth, I should say, two quarters of decline that is the textbook definition of a recession, in my expectation, unfortunately, is that it's going to get a whole lot worse. It's going to get worse because if you look at the tea leaves, if you look at the handwriting on the wall or if you pay attention to what some of even the tech companies lately have been telling us, is that there is this slowdown going on. Coupled with this inflation, coupled with the fact that the Federal Reserve is raising rates at a record high rate finally, like finally, all of this is going to have a real drag effect on the overall economy. So what are the brilliant people over in Washington, D.C. decide to do? I'll tell you this. Any respect I had for Joe Manchin, I'm sorry, but what happened? All right, what happened to the guy who seemed to care about not raising taxes at a time when the American people can't handle it? What happened to that? I mean, now he's spend spend spend, I mean, this is money. We don't have guys. I mean, I hate to break it to you, but 30 trillion and counting. We don't have it. So explain the long-term economic fundamentals of this one where you can. It's just a bunch of politicians worried about November thinking well, hey, if we look like we're doing this, maybe we'll be forgiven. We don't want to give the Republicans any ammunition to say that they didn't do anything. Well, the whole idea, guys, is you're not supposed to do anything, okay? This is why private markets tend to work the best when the government gets out of the way, then individuals can make proper decisions.

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