Will Britney Griner Develop a New Love for America?


I wanted to talk about a developing news story surrounding a young woman by the name of Brittany griner. You probably know her from the WNBA, although I don't know if anybody watches the WNBA. Just jokes, just jokes. These are fantastic women. But Britney griner was actually detained while in Russia. On February 17th for allegedly carrying a marijuana concentrate in her luggage. Now, I was familiar with Brittany griner, not through her work with the WNBA, but because she was dedicated to protesting America, mainly in the name of Black Lives Matter, Brittany griner said that she would be protesting during the national anthem all season for the W and BA. We see this in the form of kneeling during the national anthem, not pledging to the flag, not wanting to show any allegiance or pride for one's country. And many WNBA players followed suit with her. We saw the NBA also participate. We saw football participate virtually every sport. It was starting to be politicized in taking a stance in support of Black Lives Matter. Of course we got many athletes who decided to step outside of that idea. Joshua Jonathan Isaac from the Orlando Magic was one of the many or should I say few, really, who decided to stand during the national anthem and not protest this country. But Brittany griner has fallen into misfortune. She was in Russia. She got detained at an airport for apparently having these marijuana cartridges in her suitcase. And has now been detained there for over 100 days. And suddenly, America is looking real good to Britney kreiner as you might imagine.

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