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Have all the equipment that you need download. The free picks wise app now to make your net bet- better picks wise backs responsible gambling. Gambling problem call one eight hundred gambling. Nick what i wanna do is what i wanna do is talk about the defense a little bit and it comes down to this. This was supposed to be the backbone of this team. It was supposed to be the one thing that people could count on. It was a a unit that finished ninth or tenth in points in yards allowed a year ago editor disease. Ojha lari added dorie. Jackson has a healthy xavier mckinney. Back lost alvin tomlinson but the run defense has not been the issue. The issue has been the pass coverage the issue has mostly been. The middle of the field is wide open. Play after play after play after play and win the giants go man to man. Which is the reason why they signed a dorie jackson. They're not getting the job done. So it comes down to this simply because you have a better scout side than i do in a in a better ability to to look at the film and break these things down. What in the devil is going on with the giants pass coverage i feel like the giants pass coverage right now is just out of sync and both of these offenses. They faced just use timing and understanding on where those routes were going to be between his own coverage the giants run. And then just basically using timing and rhythm to take advantage of zone coverage mainly up the seams in the intermediate parts of the giants. Defense if i feel like both of those offenses new with the giants were going to do. On some of these big. The giants were running inverted cover to without the robber. Which is something we saw last year with the robber which is when the giants align in a single high defense and then drop sorry phone call and then drop the drop at single high safety down into a robert position which is how giant eat washington when alex smith was the quarterback because he didn't see logan ryan dropped down there and then you drop bolt corners to dig cap responsibilities while now they're not dropping the safety down rather they are rotating the field corner up into a deep half responsibility while the safety takes another deep half in just kind of rotates towards that direction and that leads gigantic space to the field for darnay homes. And it's typically dorie dory jackson to cover and i feel like teddy bridgewater did an excellent job in the fourth quarter recognize third and fourth quarter recognizing match. And then taylor heineke also hit a couple of big plays against that specific coverage so that coverage has vulnerabilities. Everybody knows those vulnerabilities. But it also provides a lot more coverage towards the non vulnerable parts but since quarterbacks in offense coordinator to track on that right now i think the giants need to kind of change things up in terms of back covered other than that. They're running cover six running their three deep types coverage it just seems like the offense is getting between the zones in the spatial awareness of the giants isn't quite there now. We'll say james bradberry didn't have the best game against harry mclaren but james bradberry new washington was doing there because they showed that play a couple. Time where terry orange kinda runs runs around. Take out of the linebacker shooting to the flat to cover his assignment and raspberry baited that and bradbury got interception. I think that's encouraging and there were plenty of plays in that game where bradbury was all over. Maclaurin it just seemed like mcclaren. Got the best of him whenever whenever washington really targeted him as the primary read mclaren's very counter receiver. I'm not necessarily only worried about james bradberry. But i am worried about. The giants. defense is inability to generate pressure with four man pass rushes and they didn't really bring five all that often against against this washington team. Were taylor heineke at quarterback which was a little bit confusing to me because we saw them pressure teddy bridgewater. It didn't necessarily work. I felt like dial up the pressure. Maybe a little bit. More against hitler heineke that would have had a little bit more success. Slowing down his ability. To find those the to find logan thomas and terry maclaurin dominic brown in the intermediate parts of the field. Are you know it's we're heading into week. Three were heading into a game. Against the atlanta falcons team as as i said at the top the show that's given up eighty points over two games when you look at it. We know the statistics of two teams. You know making the playoffs. And i know it's a seventeen game season so it changes a little bit. Perhaps it's in the seasons a game longer. But when you start owen to your playoff chances dramatically decrease. Now you're in the nfc east where nobody else is better than one in one at this point so it's not necessarily devastating but teams go through to game losing streaks during the course of a season. I think that what this does for the giants is it. Dramatically decreases their margin for error. Is the rest of the way. But what i want to ask you is. Are you still optimistic when you look at this giants team. You know that when it's all said and done when they play fifteen more games when we get to the first week in january whether it's the playoffs or not We're gonna look at this giants team and say yeah. They did make strides from twenty twenty year. They are pointed in the right direction. They are getting better or are you just at this point. Ready to throw up your hands and say Here we go again. It's just gonna be another long painful year. I'm in between those two. I don't necessarily believe the giants are going to make the playoffs. Because it seems like philadelphia is much better than i. Originally anticipated and dallas's is good as i thought they were going to be in washington. I mean they just defeated the giants but they have taylor heineke for seventeen games. It seems like i mean. I'm not one hundred percent certain ryan. Fitzpatrick is going to return to that. Teams of division is stronger than i originally anticipated as for the giants i think a lot of this is it lies in week three because you're playing another owen to team like you said earlier. This is the only battle between two two teams. And the falcons are very winnable game. This is at home. They're not a great defense. They'd been given up so many so much yardage two opposing offenses in the limited season. So far and i deleted off. It's of line is also not nearly as good as washington's offense of line tip the cap to them for containing leonard williams indexed lawrence. So i think the giants come out win this game. It will be a few good type of situation. It's definitely something that can happen. And then maybe the. The birds of the new york giants media won't be as loud now if they go out and they lose this game and its stinker. I think that there could be locker room issues. And that's something. I don't really want to dive down into and i think if this giants team ends up winning five to six games dave gettleman is going to retire. Then they're going to be on the hunt for a new general manager and that throws daniel jones's future with this team into question and it could be just a really really ugly ending to the twenty twenty one season and daniel jones era here because the giants have to make that decision pickup fifth year option. Next season have him under contract next season. No matter what anyways. But i would say a lot of it probably lies with week three. I'm taking it a week at a time. I don't want to overreact. But i do believe this This giants team has shown signs of progress even though they were devastating losses specific. Manley offense side of the ball last week. They need to fix his defense. It doesn't have to be the two thousand twenty giants stevens but it has to be better than what we've seen through these last two games so much of what you're talking about here. Nick is why. I so much wanted.

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