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All right so that they can tell you know what concert you might be interested in going to what sports you follow and they believe they can carry this far enough so that they might even be able to know for example your political preferences this thing not passing judgment on whether or not that's accurate enough but the researchers believe you know if we have enough likes that people have we can again create a profile on this so what happened is you've got this information that is out there so there's a couple academics who go to facebook and say hey we want to study this and we want access to this data now in some cases you know people may have given permission for their data to be used but in many cases they haven't you know you haven't given permission to an outside source to know that you know you like toby keith and you're like robin yount that that's information that you understand you're saying that you like it for the purposes of robin yount and robin yount facebook page might change it but you didn't necessarily know that that's going to be shocked around well what happened is there's one of these researchers out there who goes to facebook and says hey i want access to this information we're going to do these studies i want access to all this information i wanna know everybody who clicked on i wanna know who was the clicked on the robin yount page and who it was the clicked on the aaron rodgers patient who it was that clicked on the toby keith page and facebook let's this researcher have access to all this information i mean an incredible amount of information and so what the researchers then do is they take this and they start to build profiles of people based on all all their lakes and then they sell this information to third parties and again that's where the the belief is that people could be targeted for their political views hey okay the trump campaign knows here we've now got grew who likes toby keith he likes robin yount he likes the nra he likes aaron rodgers hey we think this guy is most likely to be a trump voter so what we're gonna do is going to reach out and try to contact you know that.

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