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Michael Eisner Jeffrey Katzenberg from key key roles from other studios, and this amazing thing happened, you know, and it was because of there was this this catalysts that happen with us going out there and making this secret of nimh movie. Now, it didn't do very well because we had mismanaged the distribution on it. The the company that had it in their possession. Did not know how to distribute animated feature film. So they dropped the ball. However, you know, it got the attention of someone like Steven Spielberg who looked at it and said the very words that Tony said, oh my gosh. This is Disney film. No, it's not. Yeah. It's it's like the old classic Disney. Yeah. And that's what he was saying. That's what a lot of other people are saying. And in fact, it wasn't it. And I want to say I was just reading this on the internet. You guys started seventy nine wasn't at eighty four that the company had to file for bankruptcy studio. We was that because of that low performance in the box office. No, it was because of mismanagement on the arcade games around nineteen Eighty-three. We started working on dragon slayer and space ace and dragon's lair to in our partners drop the ball as far as after sales service. And so a very very promising business with the arcade industry in the arcade, art form, just dropped, you know, like a like a hot potato and arcade owners became very angry with us. We lost a lot of money. And we found ourselves in a, you know, a bankruptcy situation in order to kind of move on with our business life. Yeah. And you did move on. I mean, that's the amazing thing. I remember being at Cal arts, Tom, and I we were always like so amazed that Dom blue would go from film to film to film. And it seemed like everyone was going to be his last one. But somehow it would always be financing for the next one right now, of course, that that did finally at some point. But it was amazing to see the resilience of Don, Gary, and you guys the made up the team making these movies to continually put out more and more films. And like you said it a huge ripple effect across the industry. I remember when Tom and I were Cal arts as a matter of fact. This is a little later than the rats Ness, guys. And all that there was there was two players in town. There was literally like like Tom said earlier there was the the people that wanted to work for blue and the people that wanted to work for Disney or you went into TV animation worked for Hanoi Barrett. Or maybe this new thing called Cartoon Network or whatever that was starting starting that wasn't starting up yet. Now that was later. Yeah. Said that the you're right. And really blue was winning at Cal arts. Everybody wanted to go work for blue for primarily because they were kind of the same mind set. It was sorta again you wanted to do this classic thing. But really got the tag of being rebels, right? More rebel rebellious than the people that we're the rebels at Disney the rats nece guys. It's I love that irony. But that that that bled over it to Cal arts. So when we were there, you guys were at your height as far as fandom goes, I would say within the animation industry. I it. They were Disney was working on or over. Company just come out. So what movie would that have been for you guys? We were working. I think we were just finishing all dogs go to heaven. Okay. Because all dogs. Get good having came out pretty much the same time as little mermaid. Okay. So that would attract. Wreck with that. And you guys were beating Disney like weren't you some your films making more money than the Disney movies for a few years there? Right. One in particular American tale that was that was the dynamic year that happened. I think in that convinced Disney that they had to revitalize their animation department completely that was year eighty six we American tale came out..

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