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Not bad it's just different. Used to him having kofi in woods to be able to play off of each other like ease good on his own but he's better when he has somebody there to play off of you know the example would be like when he was with. Aj when he was was ziglar he's always bear with a some with i for me. It's the fact that biggies being more serious. It's i if you wanna make big e established in this role. I need someone. that's a legitimate threat. I i never feel like apollo crews as a threat to him now and it doesn't fit like this story doesn't fit apollo crews is not the right opponent for big e. Like if if. I thought biggie. And he went up against like roman at biggie. Got serious my response to that would be hoesch it. This is going to be you know. This is going to get real and baby. We're going to gear towards that. If so i'm here for it. There's something i need something more. I need something like like. I said a credible threat to big enough to really make me be like yes. I want this. And i feel like they're slowly building. Biggie up to actually go against roman or whoever has the title at the time if it's not roman like they're putting him in that position because i can't think that they're gonna stop at the. Ic title. I feel like they want to move him into the main title position because he could very easily be a threat to somebody given his talent in given his general -bility because he does have that traditional wrestling background. He's very athletic. And he's proven time and time again that he can go on rang so in a single competition he would be absolutely bad ass so that was the whole thing with deserves like if someone else in front of him for that big title moment. It's big e. Biggies coming before cesar in that big summer slam title moment the way to get there. You have to drop the ball. And i think drop the belt here sadly if they knew him on to bigger and better things. I think it's well worth the ever. But if they take the title off of him and they just do nothing with him then obviously it's a waste but apollo crews deserves. It deserves a moment in the sun as well and apollo crews is doing the gimmick. He's doing the best he can with it. They've gotten him the little guards and he has his fear and everything like that. Which okay Okay it's there it's there. I don't understand this beer. I don't understand the need for the fear. Like i said it's i heard someone say this. Vince mcmahon finally watch black panther. He's yeah he's looking at this and he's kind of like i can do something like this and so when you think of nigerian royalty you're going to think of you know someone holding a spear and the accent and like it's all just being put into this but the the just you know it's that symbol of power and it's Gaffes yes exactly. But it's it's just all those kinds of tropes that you can put together in one thing and the spirits just kind of a very visual symbol of like yep tribal chief but different type of tribe. Yeah i don't know. I just feel it feels a little bullet is belittling to me. And that's all. I'm going to say on it but if it's working for him and it makes him happy you you that's fiercer. Just don't poke anybody who wins. I nobody I'm gonna go with. I guess apollo crews. Because i think he needs it more and i hate to say that because i love biggie. But i feel like if apollo doesn't want he's done burnt. They did the screwy. Finish to get to this point. They're having a nigerian drum fight. When it comes to this you've got gotta have a. He'll win at some point. Just because otherwise it feels very face heavy and i understand kind kinda playing a ill in some respect but yeah i. This is apollo needs to win here. He needs to salvage a little bit of his gimmick and big e can take the loss. He'll move on to a to another big boy like shameless or something. And i know shamelessness on raw. It'll move onto another big boy and be able to like still collect some steve. I'm gonna polychrome as well april willpower cruise when the kind of tunnel on sunday very magical wheel find who wins wrestler to that would be the challenger all right and and a continuation from night won the women's tag team championships will be on. The line is jax shayna bays or will be taking on the winners of the tag team. Turmoil rock and i both picked lana and naomi. to take the whole thing brent. Do you have any thoughts Oh boy simple. Got winning the tournament match. Who do i want do i. who do you have. Who who's your pick. I want the rights to win. Because i think having an actual tag team win and take on the or the champions and possibly get the belts off of them would be great but i can also see them doing something else which is billion carmella. Some which ones winning i know. Hang on a second. Try and get through some matches. Who's winning. yeah it's right flaps. So riott squad takes jackson shannon baiser in your mind. Who's winning right okay..

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