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Let's get to the game here or let's let's get to the bigger picture you played with tom. Brady all those years. You've been in this spot with tom brady so many times. What has it been like for you to watch from afar this season and this run that he is having always been awesome. Thank i came in the. Nfl grop drafted the same year. Ten years with tom. Watch those two guys Leave our team and still bring success in bringing everything they've learned to. Nfl careers to tampa on the team at didn't make the playoffs last year. Now have an opportunity to win a world championship It's awesome the watching. Obviously a little bitter sweet. Because you have rather those two guys suiting up with you on sundays but it's still awesome. Mosquitoes guys Going out there doing it again. And obviously for talent his legacy and what. He's what he's done in this league. He doesn't have to do any more. But you know to continue to. Washington has greatness continue to get better and better. Each year is just unbelievable. No you've seen it from the inside. It is genuinely unbelievable. It's in fact. Something i would have said was impossible except that he's done it. Can you put your finger on. How how has he managed to do at the age of forty three something. Maybe no athlete has ever done before. Yeah i think it's him just being him you know he has routine. He has a regiment that he sticks to offer talking to Brian horror this year and he said tom went skiing off season. He said when they finished he said. Tom called alex and they had to get somebody working. He had to get his body back to feel good and lots of god is dedicated to football all year round every day on so when he goes to a team designed to do a lotta yelling and screaming. And that's not an. He's not super vocal unless he has to be but just how. He prepares how he comes in each day. His greatness people just watch and when he walks into a locker room. I'm sure everybody in tampa like. Let me. Just see how tom does this. I'm see how he does that in are looking at them from two lockers down three lockers down and a nice. You know everyone else around them gets better off. So that's just his presence and what he brings to a team by being himself it is. It is one of the most remarkable stories we've ever seen. I wanna get your take on something that happened earlier this week. Your former teammate. Danny amendola played a bunch of years at new england. he made some comments about the quote unquote patriot. Way that got a lot of attention. We've had multiple people way in here. Let me play them in case you haven't heard them when you see patriot. Way in depth in the dictionary is going to have tom. Brady's name next to it. None of those coaches any passes. They got guys in the right position because they watch a lotta film and they spend all their time at the city. Tom brady is the patriot way. And that's and that's the reason why raising the super bowl right now in the patriots aren't that has gotten a lottery. Action here devon. What is yours. Yeah i think. I think dole is trying to let people know tom's greatness. I don't think that came out the correct way at all. I think what he said about. The coaches is true. Like that's what. Coaching is washing film. And put guys in the best position. And you know what. I think about the patriot way to think about a team. So what you wanna call tom. The best player on the patriot. Way in the leader of it no doubt about it. But you can't tell me and all of those games all of these years throughout that the defense in other guys haven't had something to do with that that's all guys coming all guys believe in that we've had great players across the board we've had guys like derail rivas events will for two tedy bruschi. Willie mcginest tie laws like those guys. You know toddlers are pro football hall of famer you know he is the patriot way also Think whether you want to call it time. The leader of the patriot way. Because i think a lot does trickle down from him on but i think it was a little bit of a slap in the face to all of all of the other guys to tom brady. Julian elements is gronk. Like but i don't know if. I don't think he meant it that way. I think he wanted to really push tom. Brady's greatness and what. Tom brady is because everyone puts us in this brady verse bella check konda arena and i think dole was really trying to tell people you know. Tom is a great player in our for me. I don't think you have to defend turn onto film. Turn on this year if you thought. Tom brady was assistant quarterback. You probably need to go dive in snow. If you're in the northeast. Right now i Because he's shown every bit of him he can go when anywhere and really at any moment. The gosh forty three years old. He's finding another super bowl ten so his greatness is deathly out there. What you're exactly right. And that's very insightful. And you're right that externally the brady vs bellichik thing has been a story line. Radio shows talk shows like this one. How much if at all was that. A factor inside. You guys played a season this year. To what degree if any was the brady factor a inside the patriots organization is here. I think as a team organization we moved on. But you lost. You lost tom. Brady law's the best quarterback in the nfl. You don't just replace that you don't just make up for that. And i think we definitely felt that we lose tom. We don't have an off season to even begin to try to process that and prepare and get ready so We felt that the guy's been The best quarterback in the nfl for the last two decades so To replace that you know we felt it but i think from a mental standpoint. Gaza moved on. We're trying to improve. We're trying to get better. It wasn't as it's been on a thank that's process something that we have to push forward and show that the patriot way is a team. It is but it's a lot of good players like we have to go win football games to patriot way. Isn't you know just something that happens. It's guys doing it day in day out when football games went in and preparing the right way and i think the patriot organization is still moving in that direction on a thank you saw that throughout the season and tough times going out there and win some games out of tough. We'll have to keep getting better. It's really well. sad again. Devin mccourty the patriots nominee for the walter payton. Nfl man of the year award presented by nationwide congratulations on that. Thank you so very much for taking this time here. Devon it is great to talk to you again and enjoy off season. We'll catch up down the road. Tricia i just wanna say hugh shots nationwide you know having me on here and making this award so prestigious nationwide done a really good job..

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