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Map. Bear is not here over the next couple of days. He's he's he's looking for love. He went out into the wilderness. She's out there. I know she's. Might be in jail cell, but I'm gonna find her. And when I find her let me tell you. I'm gonna make a video exactly what Matt bare said right there. Let me take you to France where the riots that you are seeing over this fuel tax. Are a response of the people saying can you please stop telling us, we're terrible. And you're fighting climate change. Because we're not terrible, and this whole idea of fighting climate change should not mean and cannot mean that our lives get further destroyed. Fantastic piece in the Wall Street Journal an opinion piece written by the aditorial board there. And one of the things they take note of is that when you take a look at France, and and how they're dealing quote unquote with climate change. Is that they both Emmanuel Macron the current president and Francois Alonzo who was a socialist. They went after auto emissions auto emissions count account for about forty percent. A Francis carbon emissions. Regarding fuel combustion compared to twenty one percent, Germany will why is France have such a larger proportion of cars and emissions? It's because its relationship to how other powers created France has a tremendous amount of nuclear power, which is zero or near zero emissions power generations and heating account for thirteen percent of emissions compared to forty four percent in Germany. So Germany has more than comes from power plants. So therefore by definition in terms of the aggregate less that comes from vehicles. France already does what could be seen as rather good job on this because they run nuclear. It's an interesting and worthwhile conversation some say dangerous still worthy of conversation. So they've decided that it's more important not to take a look at the numbers e what we're doing great now. How do we how do we create more jobs in the nation? No, they decided to go about proving that they're the. The real environmentalists by telling the people in the rural areas in the country. Areas of France bite me. The the unemployment rate, which they refer to the at the Wall Street Journal. The jobless rate is eight point nine percent. You know, what it is for for younger younger, French people. Twenty one point five. Their GDP doesn't hit two percent. So you've got this incredible unemployment, you don't have an economy that is robust and growing, and you're telling the people who aren't in the areas where they can walk to a supermarket again bite me you have to pay more for fuel because we wanna prove how good and decent. We are. And the people have said off hell, no. And that's why you're getting these revolts these are referred to as the yellow vest revolts y turns out I didn't know this a yellow vest is required in your vehicle. You like it's one of those things I like can reflect it starts. It's required. A I didn't know that. I tell this week. I had no no clue. So that's why it's called the yellow protests, and these protests most very likely will put an end to Emmanuel Macron in France and and his reelection possibilities. You're going to see a populist move in France. Like you've seen in other parts of Europe doesn't mean that you should be this this oh massively of art fan of populism or and sometimes the nationalism that can come with it rather. You should recognize that when the elitist decide they know best for the for the for the people. Right. When when that happens time and time and time again. You get people who say we've had a enough. We're not gonna take any more of this. And that's what you're seeing in France right now. And the thing that is moving this in motivating this is this over hyper aggressive stance on climate. Not even based on science. You take a look at the sign. The report that came out from the White House, which yes, I'm still going through. I'm taking my sweet time. I'm I'm looking at at what what people have discussed about it. The smart people who know how to engage us research. I can make a number do anything these days, and it seems that they have. But is the answer to all things climate related? Hey, you who refuses to live in the city. Forget you. Hey, you her fuses to live like like, a metropolitan type forget, you screw you or done with you. We will hurt you. What do those people do? In the meantime, while you're pretending to save things. That question's gonna come up in the next hour. We talked about the Indianapolis city county council and their decision to try and extend times on meters parking meters and possibly take away parking spaces. The city county council doesn't know how to run a city there, France, they're all Emmanuel Macron. And none of them deserves a chance at re election. We'll get into that. In the next hour. Jeremy Scott with traffic right now. And what's going on, Jeremy Tony? So one problem downtown. It's traffic lights flashing right? The intersection Meridian in Washington. So you have a little bit of time just to see that the lights on the circle, but still too long just treeless a four-way stop..

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