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Was such a part of communist allies and we had been in the metro forever and my friend maggie lynch and i did a whole ton of research with mr phil ginsburg who is the head of reckoned park nowhere could we find any record any piece of paper nothing that said it was officially named sharon met so it was not named after somebody name sharon a thought williams sharon was this guy with a lot of money who lived in nevada was a robber baron during the eighteen forty nine gold rush and he gave golden gate park a ton of money and said here's all this money to build a playground dutta build the building you can have the money if you name a building after me and that's the share an art spiltting okay so the meadow is called sharon meadows simply because it is right next door share a shared tangling lee were not renaming the meadow william aiming at a metal as are like a ribbon cutting or some official uh not enough well not not yet not yet it still has to be approved by the board of i guess the the the park supervisors or something or other but sh who's going to say no the raid is the uh the this has led a hazard act a cheese said she kinda intimated no problem yeah it'll go yeah as one of great so comedy celebrating today goldie apart from noon to five vote today i said during a somber decided sunday avatar event sunday noon if i we said i'm let's during a somber discussion tears secretary ryan zinke of nine eleven memorial on the sixteenth anniversary of the terror attacks in new york fox and friends host brian kilmeade asks do you worry a hundred years from now someone's going.

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