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The arrest of dissidents has always been outrageous. It is the modern expression of bush. Era extraordinary rendition. International kidnapping by state agents and should be opposed no matter the flag under which it occurs. He stabbed a top secret. Study leaked to the new york. Times by fame. Pentagon papers whistleblower daniel ellsberg reveals the us military pressed then president dwight eisenhower to prepare a nuclear first strike against mainland china during the taiwan strait crisis of nineteen fifty eight the document shows. Us military planners were ready to accept the risk that the soviet union would launch. Its own nuclear retaliation on behalf of its ally china and that millions of people would die daniel ellsberg told the new york times he decided to disclose the document now. Due to rising tensions between the united states and china over taiwan senate democrats have introduced a bill that would trim seventy three billion dollars the us nuclear arsenal over the next decade. The smarter approach to nuclear expenditures or saint act was co sponsored by oregon. Congress member earl blumenauer and senator ed markey of massachusetts. They introduce their bill monday. As the congressional budget office released a report projecting the cost of maintaining the us nuclear stockpile through twenty thirty at six hundred thirty four billion dollars. Mali's facing a new political crisis after soldiers detained mali's president and prime minister and what appears to be the country second military coup in less than a year. The african union and united nations issued a joint statement calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the two leaders. President bond. Dow and prime minister mokhtar. Wan who are reportedly being held at a military base outside of bamako the two leaders both came to power in september. As part of a transitional government following a military coup burmese authorities have detained in jail to. Us journalist. who's been reporting on the burmese military. Coup danny fencer was detained. Monday at the airport in rangoon as he was preparing to board a flight to malaysia. Fence is the managing editor of the publication frontier myanmar. The committee to protect journalists has demanded his immediate release calling his arrest. The quote latest grave threat to press freedom in myanmar. A prominent black lives matter. Activists in britain is in critical condition after being shot in the head at a party sunday in south london. Police say they don't believe the activists. Sasha johnson was the victim of a targeted attack but some fellow activists say she's received death threats in the past the. Us supreme court has declined to your the case of a missouri. death row. Her who seeking to be shocked by a firing squad rather than die by lethal injection ernest. Johnson suffers from epilepsy and says missouri's plans to inject him with the drug pinto. Barbital will trigger excruciating seizures. That amount to cruel and unusual punishment after the court six conservatives declined to hear johnson's case without explanation justice sonia sotomayor wrote in a dissenting opinion signed by justices brier and kagan quote missouri is now free to execute johnson in a manner that at this stage of the litigation we must soon will be akin to torture given his unique medical condition she said and a federal court has struck down at georgia law banning state from doing business with anyone who supports the palestinian led boycott divestment and sanctions movement against israel. The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by independent journalist. Abby martin who was barred from speaking at georgia southern university in two thousand nineteen because she refused to sign a pledge against the beedi s movement under georgia law any recipient of a government contract larger than a thousand dollars must sign such a pledge. Martin filed the lawsuit last year. My right to speak at a conference on media at a public university was conditioned on my pledge to never participate my constitutional right to engage in peaceful political action. It is not just this particular conference but my right to speak at any public university or similar event in the entire state has been taken away. Because i will not forfeit my constitutional rights by signing this pledge and those are some of the headlines this is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report when we come back. We'll speak with reporter. Emily wilder she was just fired by the associated. Press after a disinformation campaign led by college republicans at stanford university over her support for palestinian human rights as a college student. She was fired days after israel bombed the ap in gaza. This is her first live tv interview about her. Firing a.

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