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Also at the same time I think Hollywood went through a metamorphosis where the studios started being more ruled by Bean counters and and lawyers and it became very I think Uneven almost Monopoly like with these super super powerful agencies the c a i c m Mega agencies that were now packaging directors writers and actors producers even other below-the-line Talent. So they made 10% of a half dozen people instead of just one actor and and it made sense a good business sense. Well, but also if you were not a name and established name, it was very hard to get into those offices. So it was becoming very frustrating. I luckily fell into a job for a job where I could act And make a living doing live work for a theme park. Oh great. Yeah. Yeah Universal Studios in eighty-seven. I fell into a opportunity where I started playing Stanley Laurel of Laurel and Hardy, right? And then Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx. So if they you went to the park and Hollywood between 87 and 2001 had your photo with one of those characters, it might be me amazing and and luckily also the home of that job the management knew that they had actors as their employees and that the actors needed to have time off for auditions off and it was so there was some what flexibility oh, that's great. Yeah. Yes. It was a very nice blessing and especially to have a regular paycheck when raising a family had that's right to children and I need to keep the the food on the table. So I Was very fortunate there and then fell into the opportunity to be in the Back to the Future sequels, right which was a mixed blessing because little did I know that they did not have the original actor coming back to a reprise the role of George McFly that kind of kept me in the dark about that. I was told that I was just to be a a photo double or stand in. Okay, and I imagine they needed the cash to different places at the same time like Michael playing Marlene and Mark Jr. And Marty in the same seat, right?.

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