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Like this says I'm ready to play OMG. Um yeah, And I just sort of got I just got goose bumps again. Have you been in ways that we just had longhorn legend Marty Akins on the show with us, and then it was to talk about Drew Brees, his nephew, which was very good. Yes, but he talked about Steve Starkey s. Oh, no. Now I can't even stand up that's playing the song therapy is that's native Sarkeesian. Had had a zoom with him. So that's you know, Sarkeesian doing all the right things. Listen, gotta have the former players. You gotta have the love night. It's you got to have the big money. You gotta have everybody on the same bill and listening. Yeah, I've brought up things that have gotten me juiced up about hiring of Steve on the mound, and you've kind of been like, Well, everybody's doing that I'm telling you like when, when Chuck Strong was hired. I had former players on my FM show on I asked him, you know, as Charlie brought you in. Are you doing anything that Team, and he said No, but we are here and ready and I mean, like some really big names from that championship. Sure, they said No. And then I feel when Tom was here, I feel like he made an attempt to do that. But I just there was so much waffling with the guy right sleeve so easy and got on a zoom call with hundreds Hundreds, and I think it's setting. The tone is in day one. I'm here. I respect what you've done. I need you guys and I want you guys to be a part of this history a part of this program. And not only is he saying the right things he's doing them, in. My opinion, as well, is like getting that staff of his together with that five star culture, and I am just as as drunk on the burnt orange Kool Aid. Is Marty Was there that interesting? What Marty said about coach roll and it was true because coach Rolls His players feared him when they played for him, and then when they graduated beat, it was really interesting because when Coach Royal died, some of his best friends and people who helped take care of coach role were hers former players because coach role Went from being their coach, Stern taskmaster to a dear, dear friend who would do anything for them, and they do anything for coach Royal. So I think that was very interesting. And Steve is doing all the right things to put the pieces together. I'm with Marty. There's no reason that Texas can't when a conference championship next year with what we saw from Casey Thompson and Hudson Card and be John, and that improved defense. I think there's no reason to believe the Texas cannot challenge Oklahoma for the conference championship next year. And you're already seeing some of those preseason top high top five Heisman without visions name right up there at the front, which I think Yes, and probably would have been even hired would have given him the rock a few more times last year. Exactly. The thing that came to about there's already been movement with with college football, you know, with his transfer portal. Uh, Elk. Oklahoma got a big get today. Former Tennessee offensive lineman, uh, by the name of Wayne Morse, who was a start. Tennessee is transferring to Oklahoma, so and they needed a tackle. So it's gonna be interesting, and I think it's gonna be between Texas and And Oklahoma. I think there's gonna be a fall off with I would state next year because their quarterback leaving. I know they got some players were staying, but it's going to be exciting next year, and I think Texas can can win as well going quickly. Well, and one last point on just, you know, fearing the coach that didn't come from like the fact I think it was more out of respect and like that's fear of failing for that coach. Not just like all this guy is such a jerk. Or, you know, you know, in a negative sense, and you know, Yeah, we saw our former coach Tom Herman getting you know crowds, surfers first time. And then two weeks later, you were hearing rumblings that the locker room probably wouldn't have lifted him up if his life depended on it, You know? Yeah, I think it's the it's the culture of that. And that's that's what Marty Akins was talking about, like with a savings or a Darrell Royal. It wasn't that's not AH, week by week thing, you know, when you step foot in that locker room that that's the way it's gonna be throughout your time there, right And and let's be honest Texas his taxes. Oklahoma's Oklahoma. All the top schools that recruit well should have people in place, because if someone does screw up someone plays badly, it shouldn't be an entitled situation. Just because you're a five star recruit. You continue to fumble or missus, I missed. You're not going to play. You know what I mean? You've got there people behind you, and I think that that mentality might have been lacking. With Tom Herman and Tom Herman would drive us both to drink when they would do that running back by committee with which made no sense. Yes, but especially old disclosure. I was drinking regardless of that. Well, yeah, but especially when we saw Bichon late. And even though Texas crush Colorado in the Alamo, Bo, it was driving me crazy. Bichon was great. He was was not in the game, and it's just sometimes. Tom Herman's offensive schemes did not make any sense to me. None. None whatsoever. Well, former Longhorn Marty Akins got us all pumped for that Steve Sarkeesian higher but also had some great words about Drew Brees and where he kind of sits in the history of greatness in this game, if that was The last time we saw Drew Brees, man shot out in high five toe Austin native there, he we're not going to see him this weekend, though, Ed, the conference championships are now lined up. You got the Tampa Bay bucks traveling to Green Bay? Are you ready for this? It just seems like Brady's got to keep going through goats to get to the Super Bowl again. It doesn't in Tampa Bay's an underdog again Green base favored by 3.5 points at Lambeau Field, and I think that's very fair. Very fair because the way Aaron Rodgers has been playing the Buccaneers Packer's gonna be a 205 kickoff next Sunday. Oh, great. Tom Brady is two on one versus Aaron Rodgers, including a 38 to 10 win. In week six. So that early kitsch favors open Brady. Right. We've We've done the science on that. And when he starts late this season, hey, doesn't play as well. So I mean, Uh, wow. I mean, I know we'll delve into that when Jason's back and we'll make our picks and everything. What do you most excited to see Brady verse Rogers or did I just say it right there? I think you said, I think that's it. Brady versus Aaron Rodgers and what what they meant to the game. And I think what they mean to the game and at the level they're playing at especially Aaron Rodgers. But to see Tom Brady out there and see Gronk out there and limit for nets, playing well on offense in my cabin is a former Aggie wide receiver. Listen, They got the weapons, too. It's not all about Aaron Rodgers and that offense on on on Sunday and saying that we saw what the Tampa Bay defense did the Drew Brees last last evening how they were swarming how they made the timely interceptions. They created the fumble after reception. This is a really good Tampa Bay defense. And these you're too good coaches. Bruce Arians, the older guy for Tampa Bay versus Mat on the floor from from Green Bay. It's gonna be a terrific, terrific game. We'll rip the game. I can't wait till later in the week when you give us a weather update as well as what it's supposed to be up there and I see a Lambo. Give it to you right now. Let me fire up. I'll give it to you later. Give it to us later because you know there's there's another conference championship. You know what would people have expected the bills to be there? I know that. Each were probably penciled in there, but bills now have to go to Casey for that game. Will we see Patrick Mahomes on the field? I think we will before I do that..

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