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Live from npr news in washington i'm jack spear of federal judge in california is rejecting a request to immediately reinstate government payments to insurance companies offering coverage in the obama care marketplace npr scott horsely reports the trump administration halted the payments earlier this month eighteen states and the district of columbia and had asked the judge for an emergency order to restart the payments well legal challenges are sorted out judgments traveler refused though he says the case appears to be a close call president trump is described the subsidies as a bailout for the insurance industry many insurance companies will offset the government's move by raising premiums which in turn will drive up other government costs democrats accused the administration of trying to sabotage the obamacare marketplace's a bipartisan group of senators has been working on a bill to reinstate the subsidies scott horsely npr news washington president trump is speaking out again about his conversation with the widow of david johnson who was killed in nizhny air and peers more lights in as more president trump is continuing to push back against mrs johnson's assertion that he had a hard time remembering led david johnson's name and that he stumbled over it when he called her with his condolences about two weeks after johnson's death i was really nice door i respect i respect her family i certainly respect david uh y by the way called david right from the beginning vivian within they but it's yard in front let david david johnson all right from the beginning is no hesitation in one of the great memories of all time trump was referring there to his own memory skills which he has boasted about many times in the past.

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