President Trump, Far-Right Freedom Party, NPR discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand


Meanwhile, Renault is popular in Europe and Russia, mostly with smaller vehicles. Mark Wakefield global auto consultants at Alex partner's says merger talks like this are being driven by the need to make some big investments, all these new trends coming into automotive profitable yet, but that everyone believes are the future, combining forces, let's carmakers split the cost of investing in electric cars, atonomy, and new business models like shared cars, Renault's board of directors says it is considering the proposed merger Camille domino, Ascii, NPR, news Austrian chance. Lers Sebastian Kurz, and his centre-right government have been forced from office. He broke up his coalition with the far-right Freedom Party last week after its leader was caught in a covert video sting, that suggested he was open to corruption, the BBC's Bethany bell reports from Vienna. Jeff days off to the best in cuts can take a government was sworn into office. It's lost vote of no confidence. The motion was brought in by the opposition, social Democrats, and was also supported by the far-right Freedom Party which until loft week with Mr. Kurtz, his coalition partner. Australia's president unac- Sunda funded Belen must now appoint a chance for the Tacoma government that can hold until the next national election, which is expected to take place in September. The BBC's Bethany bell President Trump became the first world leader to meet with Japan's new emperor on a trip filled with ceremony, the president told reporters that US Japan relations are rock-solid, the essence of our pro. Coach is peace through Skype and this is a strong alliance. Indeed, the US panel lions is steadfast and ironclad. The president disagreed with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Ave about recent short range North Korean missile tests. Trump saying he was not troubled by them. Japan's obey calling the tests, a matter of quote, great regret. This is NPR support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Neum offering a personalized weight loss program that uses psychology small goals and technology designed to help people change habits and keep the weight off for good at Neum.

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