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But there are other stories in baseball right now, some of them pretty big and some of them pretty exciting. And it's tough to podcast about baseball right now because things are changing so dramatically every day that the last time we talked, it seemed like things were sorta sealed up. There were still racist, but looked like there were clear favorites. And then since the last time we talked things have tightened considerably to the point that people are talking about plausible for way ties and. Five-way ties. And by the time people here this episode, some of those scenarios will may be more plausible or others will be a lot less possible. So things are changing very much by the day here, but we are really going down to the wire in than west and central desert exciting races, and we're going to have meaningful baseball in the last weekend of the season. Look, you can talk about the pen races in the Plasco you want the Baltimore Orioles. Chris Davis of over his last ten games has gone one for thirty seven with twenty strikeouts Chris Davis. I thought there was a little point in the middle of the year where he was sort of coming out of it a little like he wasn't a wasn't a good. I think that's we're good. He has his his, his highest WC plus in a month. This year is eight, just bad, but I'm not at least in July and August. He was. He could be like the sort of the pools kind of play right, where you know he's a problem, but he's not just like, so out night dreadful that like you're the or is it you just kind of look back in. Members w plus his negative thirteen, Chris Davis as a season w. r. sue plus of forty five as a first baseman. He has a fan groups war of negative three point two, which ties him for the worst of all time with nineteen eighty-five George Wright WSB twenty eight. And I believe we've discussed before at least according to the worst single season war of all time for position players, nineteen, thirty, three, Jim Levy of the Browns net negative for Chris Davis, probably can't get there in a week, but given what he's done for the last ten games maybe he actually could. Yeah, there's so much at stake in this last week for stories that we have followed the all season long. The other Chris Davis write his run at a fourth consecutive season of bedding. Exactly to forty seven. That is also coming up to the wire. He is vetted to forty nine as we speak going into Wednesday's action. So that is still very much in play that he could extend that already unpreced. Streak. And of course, as we speak, Jacob degrom is going on right now. He is pitching against the Braves, and this will decide whether he ends the season with a higher war or a higher old school Winstone. So we are about to get some resolution there. It seems like is this is this is I think it probably will be right. I guess he could get into another game, but I dunno if he'd have another regularly scheduled start after this. I think this might be it and along those same lines, the Clayton Kershaw streak that we have discussed that I've written about that one. Unfortunately, it looks like has been snapped, Clayton Kershaw streak of lowering his career, your a with each successive season in the majors. He has remarkably managed to do that you're after year every year in his career up to this point. Even though in his rookie year, he had a four point two, six Yara which was not bad to begin with. And then he was just amazing for your after your after year, but still. Manage to do it this year. He is not going to do it. He theoretically had a chance to do it even heading into his most recent start, but he entered the season with a two point three, six career era. And right now has a two point five, three for the season which has raised his career era to two point three, eight, although I will salute him for making it that close because I did not think it would end up that close given how he was pitching at the start of the season. Yeah. So I guess we need new streaks, Chris Davis streak is interesting, but the likelihood is that that one's going to end, but just the fact that he's so close, I don't know what a weird thing become interested in..

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