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Is Friday May 7th Good Morning Ashley. Line Born and shag Partly cloudy afternoon showers 67 for a high today and we're in the chili right now. Well, tanned outside. Maybe not. City is not the day to try your little tainting experience Not coming up this morning. By the way, Mother's Day on Sunday. Don't forget about Mom. Okay? I only reminded of that. Cause there are phone scam is a mom that we phones game this week coming up will do that. Plus, in 20 minutes to Daisy on the Z. We have another old man celebrity flirting with a young girl on a dating app. Also, we're getting closer to reopening everything. Getting back to normal, as they say, might be sooner than we think. The governor made an announcement yesterday that we'll talk about and we're going to discuss if there will ever be an occasion. Once this whole thing is over that you will still feel like I'm going to wear a mask or you done done done forever ever, ever. With it. There are a couple series all throughout at you. You tell me if it's yes or no, right s. We'll get to that. And a big, surprising thing You never knew about one of your favorite TV shows. In a moment that everybody I believe everybody has seen on this show that's coming up in 20 as well. But first phone scam times Mother's Day weekends. Of course we phone scam the mom. Yeah, this we got an email from now This is Donna that we phones came to her son and daughter. Teamed up for this one scam. It asked us to call her. So I guess Donna's neighbors just got a Jack Russell terrier, which, by the way, are loud world's smartest dog. Incredibly trainable, but They're hyperactive and their loud all day long. So when they asked Donna, what do you want for Mother's Day this year, she jokingly said. I want somebody to come over and kill that damn dog. That's what she said as a joke. We took it seriously to.

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