FBI, Chief Counsel, Peter discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The investigation but these guys think about this sean james comb he's been fired andrew mccabe spin fired jim baker former fbi chief counsel has been demoted reassigned peter struck epide headcount intelligence demoted reassigned lisa page fbi counseled demoted reassigned these are the top people the fbi when did you ever see that many people fired demoted reassign who were running the place according to were big problems his mandate was trump russia collusion in anything associate now we're talking about stormy daniels karen mcdougal the access hollywood tape and he seems to be latching onto just about anything that would work for him here's something that does that is brennan tiddly recent that concerns me is rod rosenstein wrote this additional memo on august second may seventeenth last year the special counsel is name rod rosenstein writes a memo outlining the parameters of special counsel's investigation he does a supplement to that on august second it became public just a few weeks ago and the vast majority that document is redacted i want to know why i want to know what what that document what changed was this a change in the parameters of the special counsel investigation was an amendment to it was this what was what was that document all about why did he have to put it in writing why could he's the guy who muller have to answer to he can just communicate to that is what do you make that his approval rating's down now eleven points is a thirty two percent robert muller lee american people getting hip to the fact that he appointed really people that have abused power in the in the past like his pit bull andrew weissmann are you concerned about the people that he hired.

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