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I'm Jordan heath Rawlings. And this is the big story. Andrew Potter is a longtime journalist and author former editor of the Ottawa citizen self-confessed space. Geek, he wrote a Twitter thread on Halloween and Andrew before we talk about the reaction to that. And what it says about how we consume news. Take us through the story that you told right? So it begins with this weird object at that came through solar system last year, which scientists gave the name. Which is I think Hawaiian for the visitor or something like that. And I've been sort of fascinated at from fascinated by since since it came through because of all the objects that come to wrestle or system, the comets and asteroids, and so and had a very strange orbit Ness strange dynamic in number of ways such people were speculating, whether it could be a fragment of ancient civilization, and so on so I'm sort of following just sort of the the data and the reports the date of this coming out based on it. And I'm also a bit of a space. Geek, I mean, Elon Musk fan, and so on and so I subscribe to a lot of space feeds and space Twitter accounts, and so on and I was sitting around went, Dan, I kind of noticed that had been a few curious little things that come up. Right. You know, some some a couple of telescopes went down. There was a very strange raid on solar observatory in the United States that they sort of the FBI came in put a police tape shut down for week. And no one really knew what it was everyone's gonna tailings and and a few other elements. Like this. And then as it happened. A report just came out of some scientists saying that sorry, what is starting to look like a really weird object and some speculation that was actually maybe an alien probe of some kind based on its orbit and someone and I thought well, this is a little curious. So I said, look, here's here's some evidence. That maybe the thing that came through was a space probe in. Here's some things that happened in the year after that, right? Donald Trump starts talking about a space force, very importantly, I'm here by directing the department of defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as six branch of the armed forces. That's a big statement suddenly are orbiting telescopes go down, and they read a solar observatory and shut it down please tape. And I was like, you know, I need to draw you a map, right? And I guess you kind of put up on Twitter actor of space invaders and so on and. It kinda went viral in a number of ways. I a lot of people thought. Oh my God. This is like dead serious. Right. And so a lot of conspiracy theories jumped all over it and said, you know, see, I told you right? The Trump's hiding stuff from us. And there are a whole other people jumping on it and saying, you know, thank God the front of the coming to put her with out of its misery. And anyway, it's a close thing I've ever had to a viral Twitter thread, and it continues to go gets picked up every few days. It's been it's been a week now, and it gets picked up a few days, and there's another sort of burst of activity on it with people, sending me all kinds of links thing you forgot about this. There's this weird stuff on Mars and the great red spot on Jupiter disappearing and so on so that's that's sort of it. I'm now, I'm now sort of on the radar of the sort of space conspiracy theorists out there, and it's kind of interesting. I am myself a little bit of a space. Geek, so I see things here and there, and I've seen a couple of these things. But obviously like not even bothered to connect the dots. But you used these stories to tell your own story, essentially. Yeah. So. Another aspect of this is I've always loved like, I'm a big fan of, you know, apocalyptic thriller type movies like the day after tomorrow independence day, or you twenty two thousand twelve you know, these movies that you know, there's always some like family and divorced couple at the heart of it. And there's a big tragedy, and there's gonna blissed destroy..

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