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To have you here is always. Beautiful Saturday afternoon Nice and Sunny Day. Little bit chilly but nice out where I am here on Long Island New York. Hope you're having a beautiful day wherever you are Before we get started and today we're going to talk to a very as interesting guy guys who had had was had a career in film and theater and just really fascinating career and life to talk about But before we get into that I WANNA do a couple of things first of all couple. Of weeks ago, you may be aware Chris Berries from SDS researchers with me and he had a new product, the amount, a new product but a product he was talking about my vital soon, my will see right here this is not a prepaid promotion or sponsorship in any way I'm just letting you know upfront what what does it so he was here a couple of weeks ago and he talked about this product and Basically. The product was discovered in Nineteen ninety-one. When he was a Grad student it's carbon based element that they wanted to do some toxicity tests on and so they tested on mammals in the laboratory and found out that not only was nontoxic that it also prolong the life of the lab animals, man of mammals and without any tumors. So basically the the condition was that or the claim. Is that it belongs by ninety percent or more almost doubling their lifespan and since two thousand. It was approved by the FDA in two thousand thirteen it's been used on human since two thousand, thirteen, a lot of people using it claimed great health benefits more energy, better sleep and just an overall better quality of life They're making the claim that it can prolong your life by ninety percent or more. I said that's really outrageous claims. Outrageous claims need really extraordinary evidence So Chris to me why don't you try it send you. Some you'll have me back in a couple of weeks a month or so and We'll see what your results were. So I've been on it for now thirteen days and nights and I can report that I have had more energy. Let's now has some talking and I'm an old man But now I'm talking to get my guest in here as quickly as possible to be honest with you. But so anyway, this stuff is has made me feel better. Over thirteen days and nights I've been taking it and the reason I'm taking it on the air is to hold myself accountable. So that I don't forget to do it and that we have it verified on tape. So when he comes back, we can say user my results and here's the proof been doing it every day twice a day and it is what it is. I'M GONNA take it right now go. That's God. Awful. It tastes terrible And you need to chase with it. That's just a little bit of ice tea have a chaser. So that's the one negative about it. Really just tastes awful but I haven't feeling better so far. So good was the result on that my sponsors today fund wise capital. 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Dot Com slash mind dog applied that was accomplished mind dog and I do appreciate you patronizing nightspots. Now it's time to get to the program I'll be ready Jeffrey Wiseman is an actor, San Collector I wanNA talk about that. The sound collector stuff is really interesting. He's an actor sound collector educator and mentor to Actors and storytellers. He's known for roles in films and television including Pale right back to the future two and three, the twilight zone. The movie guest started in saved by the Bell the man show Dallas Max headroom scarecrow and Mrs King. Chip and pepper's cartoon spectacular I don't remember one end divorce court. Jeffey. Has Been Directing coaching and teaching since nineteen seventy four, he worked with professionals and non professionals, celebrities, and amateurs of all levels and ages, ladies and gentlemen please open years, many minds and help welcome in Jeffrey Weissman ope just stepped away from the camera hold on one second I gotTA store while we get back here he is. He is. He just ran away again. How are you great to have you here? I do I call you Mindaugas Matt you can call me anything. You want my doug dogmatic whatever you WanNa call me I'm. Hey Let's happening Jeffrey. So you know what? The the most satisfying thing in your in your show is. Coaching teaching since nineteen seventy four, I'm guessing you fifteen fourteen fifteen or sixteen in Nineteen, seventy four. Yeah. United Directing scenes at school you know in directing. Some community stuff I was. I wanted to accents I was really a baby. And Directed some. Short shorts in. Short plays in Junior high and high school, and also help friends make some movies back. Then without you know what I was doing at fifteen sixteen I think was smoking reefer and popping pimples and that was my existence. I was doing that too but. But. I think the PIE getting point I'm getting making his you seem to be driven. Have a a real strong idea of what you wanted to do with your life at an early age I. think that's an important thing, right? I did I i. kind of grew up around show business My Dad ran some private clubs in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and a lot of actors and producers were members of those clubs playing backgammon and bridge and and. See them all the time I. Was a little ham and let love being at the center of attention. So I knew I was I. I. was drawn to that type of work and my parents didn't want me in show business they you know I was like I gonNA. Be You know the next opening your? Be. In this movie and they were like, no, you're GONNA, you're GonNa, stay in school you GonNa do your work and they really didn't want me to go into show business. But when they saw that I wouldn't I wasn't going to give it up out high school they started supporting me and give me some money. So I could get headshots and then helped me a little with my tuition when I got into act in seventy eight. Did you grow up in La. In the La like Hollywood area or did you grow up in that area? Yeah Yeah Born in Glendale we were living in South Pasadena. We moved to West Hollywood. Burbank for a little bit Brentwood for play del Rey and Santa Monica. Yeah, you know people everywhere else in the country people who grew up anywhere else in the country just don't understand how when you growing up in that era in that time in that place that a lot of kids were were on television in the movies kids in high school. I had Robbie risks on on the program and he was in Brady Bunch in love boat and stuff like that. Love American Style and I. Just you know that area growing up in that time had to be a so different from everybody else in the country's experience about what.

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