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To answer puerta resigned last week a rally gatien's by two former wives the south carolina republican congressman gouty says it is likely that the top white house officials new coming to light last week they also called himself troubled about almost every aspect of the situation in the senate the debate over what to do with daca is underway senators your for what to do with daca is underway senators you're trying to find a way forward on agreement on immigration and protections for young undocumented immigrants illinois democrat dick durban compared the demands from the white house to the immigration act of nineteen 24 that led to quotas it was a source of embarrassment for decades the united states establish quotas and said we want america to look a lot different than it would look if other immigrants came to this country senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to see immigration reform passed this week at the nsa terror is not suspected after some scary moments earlier today at the agency's h q at fort meade whatever caused a blackout suv to crash into a security barrier at an entrance to the nsa at fort meade in maryland is still under investigation but a law enforcement source told abc news it was not related to terrorism the nsa said there's no ongoing security or safety threat several bullet holes were visible in the suvs windshield at least one person was hurt but were told the injury appears to be related to the crash not to the gunfire abc's aaron katersky reporting at the state legislature here in colorado lawmaker randy baumgartner is not resigning from office but he is taking some punishment over sexual harassment allegations pre down.

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