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Indentations on the ballots. There was a reason why that was done was because they weren't producing enough additional votes so If there's pressure on to change the standards were the arguments that he made this time around, essentially the same that he made in the Palm Beach County case. Yes, those clips of the sort of competing views that, uh, voice was quite correct to say that the Florida Law said, the intent of the voter and if you had a punch card, it was unclear whether what the hole punched through and somebody Wrote in and with a crayon bush. You could look at that belt and say, what's clear this voter intended to vote for Governor Bush and so we should rely on the intention that it is not something new. It's been the Florida law and and it's quite reasonable. Take each pellet and say This is a legal vote if we can discern What this voter wanted to do. And that was the sort of liberal pro recount argument Ted Olson was making. The, uh turned out to be the very good winning argument, which was look there counties all across Florida, and there they don't have an agreed upon. Standard is going different. Connie Connie. It may even different, he said, in this example, where they're actually trying to change the standard in He said, suggested in hopes of finding more vote. And there seems like something unfair about that. If you're going to sort of manipulate the standard to try toe in effect, manufacture more votes, So I think both of them did a good job of laying up the argument that they wanted the court to accept to give our viewers a sense of what it was like on the bench. Let's listen to Justice Scalia questioning David Boies. What the Florida Supreme Court said, is that there shall be added to the certification..

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