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Awesome. Okay so and i just like to say i appreciate you guys. I want to saint. Mary's high school Back in the Ap's how we have pretty good football teams at that time and Appreciated hall of fame coach pat farrell. Yakush fair. I love what you guys are doing. Oh coach lopez is coach coach lopez. So where the wrong interesting. Good stuff and So yeah we just. I just absolutely loved what you guys are doing with the kids. So thank you very much all right. You lights were on from the coach today. Daryn chapman and gentlemen thank you so much for joining us forward to kick it off the second season of thursday high school football game of the week. This year we're partnering up with the nf hfs to expand the reach. Should make for a great game and a lot of fun coach. Mike carlin from santan foothills out in east valley and coach marcelo lopez. A saint mary's graduate out in In phoenix there with the bore gates. So good luck. Gentlemen have great summer crown. Thank you very much for having us. Okay all right. So darren so let. Let's talk a little bit about tiger mountain foundation. Here tell us a little bit about the organization how it came to beat do so. The organization tiger mantra foundation came to be mostly in the south central. Los santos area actually We were on the third highest murder capital blocking sedation and we were looking for some Solutions other than just kinda getting folks to not gang bang and not get into a lot of that type of activity but but what happens when you stop and you kind of want to get into something more positive. What are the solutions. in so We started building a little pocket park in south central los angeles area And then we moved on to a point from there to here how we can take some of these vacant lots and actually turned into Even more opportunity workforce opportunity Point of entry for folks to transition and or transform their lives. How many acres are we on right here. So this project. Space of opportunity is twenty swinney anchor spaces of opportunity and there's vegetables just about on every corner of this property here. I see corn down there. As i was walking up i saw saw collard greens growed over there recognize good so it was amazing tomatoes. You got everything out here and people can come and and you know and grow vegetables in pick vegetables and and it's just a vibrant area. You were doing that. Little huddle over there with the fee as a in you notice standing over here and you start teasing me and then you were doing your huddle and getting that little rock going and you had a lot of energy going there so i have to clear one thing with you for our so in in our first when i i reached out to reintroduce myself. So yeah you called me vinnie. Nobody cosby vinnie. Anyway your second grader though What what got you back. Then i was vincenzo. And that's what my mom's still salsa to correct you. Thank you bad all right go into this anyway when we come back from the break Stick around we're going to be joined by the brand new head football coach at he'll ridge high school out in yuma. Get this darren. Jessica slaughter brand new head football coach. Doug you and and she is a heck of a coach. She's a heck of a teacher. Coaching his teaching right. If you communicate to your kids and get them to do what what you need them to do to be. Successful doesn't matter. You know what gender you are. And we're going to hear from her at should be exciting. Some of my greatest teachers were were female so It's where we're going to hear from coach slaughter when we come back from the break up with a little bit about your journey here to tiger mountain foundation. Darren joined live this morning from south phoenix here at the spaces of opera spaces. Racism opportunity Garden community garden here in south phoenix tiger mountain foundation with today's co-host host. Ceo of tiger mountain foundation. Mr darren champion and saint marks elementary. Alum we'll talk more about the fighting. Lions is mr vincent scuba. Choose a bit tens. Oh yeah oh by the way. Obama deletion Deleo love you guys at mama had that betty credible rich acts. Yes she still does. We'll be back after the break. Don't go anywhere go. Far city need social information about katie. Us am ten sixty. Try katie us. Ten sixty dot com a. K. d. us am ten sixty on twitter and facebook dot com slash katie. Us am ten sixty. I'm laurie i'm coach. Dom de a you're listening to the show on. Am since sixty katie us. Arizona or you unable to do the things you love. Do you know your daily habits could be better to enhance your quality of life. Are you suffering with chronic pain. Chronic illness can't find the right solution. That works for you. Fix body group was created. So you have a team of professionals to help you achieve your health goals and get you back to doing what you love again in scottsdale go to fix body group dot com or call four eight zero seven nine five five three two nine fix body group proud partners of the varsity sports show and fitness minute with tyler mayor. Hey guys vince here to talk to you about a good friend of mine. Name bob jenkins. Bob is a marine corps veteran. Bob and his younger brother. Dj owned vets built contracting. You've seen their trucks around metro phoenix. I'm sure for five years. They've been hiring and putting veterans to work. Vets belt is licensed bonded and insured both residential and commercial specializing renovations remodeling. new build. cossiga's safe rooms or small commercial. Ti work if you're skilled veteran looking for a homeowner in need of work or a commercial business needing ti were at least call. Bob or dj advanced bill at four eight zero five eight four three six seven five. 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