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That he's in he's portrayed some great great people in history like a james brown i believe and smoke smokey robinson no jackie robinson sorry and he's just too great actor put to sea him in this role it looks like he's going to have a lot of fun with all well he i'm sure he has a great personality and the brain and ms hedh does very talented clearly those eyes though man who works carnell february sixteen year i'm he doesn't even have to talk for me if it federal okay well what disturbed okay don't do that he's an actor let an alamo let them bring the words design thing but you're going to the i don't know if you're like me so it takes an effort forced to get into a car and go see of movie i don't know why and a lot of times you'll save on you'll see move him i don't know why it's so difficult to but once you get there you're so happy you did that's what happened last night we went to see the greatest showman and i i said alice as we need to go see not alice i called alex alice alex as a we go see more films yeah we need to go see more move legal your mind z nazi germany doesn't like movie theaters i those strongly dislike them i will do almost anything to knock out in the movie what because of other people other hell is other people it's it's people on their cell phones majority of the time and i were arguing about this yesterday inter inter emery was like no literally every time i've gone to a movie theater someone's been on their phone in ruined at last night it was perfect lot of people in the theater so maybe that's the thing yeah everyone was cool eros night plus it was a it was the greatest showman so i think most people that go see that are musical type people know that healthy young anyway was gray so shall we shall we get off her as his and go see more film all right whose wet me hold on a second i gotta go guys now everything my tongue as lee score can you.

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