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In four sets Nidal now has eighteen grand slam titles within two of Roger Federer's record. He says it takes a lot of preparation. The bottom four four with ending. That's, that's all then, of course, the bay. A little bit the luggage. And all is a master on the clay of Roland Garros is overall record deer and astonishing ninety three two and he is undefeated in semi final and final matches at the French Open counting clients. Could send a former attorney from Pasadena to prison to defrauding, multiple clients, and pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Shanteau Honey and is now awaiting sentencing and faces up to twenty years in prison. Any time a lawyer of trust with his client, it does real harm to the legal profession. Assistant US attorney, Aaron catchall says Owen lied to clients and went to great lengths to convince them. Their cases had been successfully resolved created fraudulent documents forge real signatures made disguise calls with refer to a spoof. Call in one case catchall says Owen gave a client who had suffered serious injuries in a fall, a phony settlement deal by the time she realized it was a lie. It was too late for her to seek damages. Honeymoon was disbarred in two thousand seventeen has attorney. Says in an E mail Honey on is extremely remorseful. He insists there is more to the case. In other details will be presented at sentencing in September. Claudia pets pesky KNX ten seventy NewsRadio huge potrayed in Riverside County that story right after traffic.

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