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The info from sunday and of course that was all about the yankees john carlos stanton swung head of the air to degrade centerville that buzz high it is far the yankees though giancarlo singing this time just that john sterling on the fan stand the essence yankees twenty eight and twelve six to win over the as aaron boone clips that we were kind of referencing this morning about everything that the yankees have dealt with and battled and struggled through as they're now sixteen games over five hundred he says yes it's been tough look i'm pleased where we are considering i feel like all we've been through as a club he says they've battled issue after issue it's a long long way to go i feel like we've had our share of adversity i feel like we've handled it really well it's been brutal all we've been through twenty eight wins boil tell you what iraq rough road for offs and all the stop all the downtimes i remember back at nine and nine and thinking when's it gonna end the manager of the reds feels when here is that we stayed in one fire star hotel we had that one four star hotel experience which was very very tough and we have to take a train down to dc the sculpting but we battled through through was brett gardner had a long wait because of the weather he'll say ready i thought we did a good job of that through the ball pretty well today and obviously a big day at the plate came up with some big hits force big giancarlo of course in seventies luis severino a boon was as cow exactly the way it not not effect is who you are your professional translation cool person content bruin stanton carrying the day he was he was the difference today said look a lot look i didn't notice that aaron judge to its including rbi single scored a couple of runs as well yankees.

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