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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says operations at Fair Park in Dallas are closed. Parkland Hospital has closed its sights at Alice Davis Field House in East Field Community College in Mesquite. Those with appointments today can get vaccinated at Parkland Hospital operations at Texas Motor Speedway and didn't have also been canceled for today. All appointments have been rescheduled for tomorrow operations and Tarrant County are moving forward. Meanwhile, more covert 19 vaccines are headed to North Texas, courtesy of the federal government. Team T Stadium in Arlington and Fair Park in Dallas, have been named to federally run Cove in 19 vaccine Magaziner's Together, the sites are expected to put 10,000 shots and arms. Daly. These vaccines that we're talking about are in addition to that that we're getting from ST And our hope is that the state's allocation will also continue to grow. Tarrant County Judge Gwynn Whitley says the federal and local government will work together to run the sites, which are expected to open the week of February. 22nd tweet Nevil, WB AP News State lawmakers are considering legislation to deal with families of first responders who are being denied line of duty benefits. The latest involves the family oven Everman police officer who died of covert 19 and October police chief Craig Spencer is certain that Officer Alex Arango contracted covert 19 on the jobs. There's absolutely no doubt in our mind that this was this was an explosion you to work. Over 80 State and local law enforcement and correctional officers have died from co bid since the beginning of the pandemic. Taking a look at the early numbers on Wall Street, the Dow was up 49 points, NASDAQ Up 56 points and the S and P. 500 up 10 points from the W B A P News desk. I Nicolo say your next update US. At 9 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot com. We're.

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