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We've waited tiger fans have waited a long time but now you get two for the price of one with jack and myself going in and maybe down the road we'll get another one and lou whitaker we know that nigga is going to be a tiger and probably justin burland down the road themselves so we did a few tigers coming in the future but man i am very very proud and we're proud of your trim a true great one and when the hall of fame calls i mean this has been there did you inject go there recently my gosh this four months is going to go by very very quick and man i can't believe it's been it's been hectic frank but a good hectic well i bet and i i don't know how you keep yourself down and and not to shake the part of it i i'll be honest with you it's it's very very special i hope to be there with your july twenty ninth looking forward to it but right now we got have a baseball season to play before then and more so let's enjoy the tigers starting tomorrow alan trammell thank you so much always great to talk with you my friend right frank de good and double talk ethan traffic and weather first on the fives and also speaking great ones like alan trial shocks another great one on sorry you're gonna make me blush it's is it your birthday today.

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