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You're not going to go into a game saying we're gonna win this game five four six five. Fb the oilers of the of the eighties We we we defend and we can win games two to one three two. I'm certainly that's the islanders m. Oh and what they do that. So it's it's pretty cool to watch them. They're going to have their ups and downs like everyone else because they don't they are able to score on games. They're going to go up three. You're gonna look at those shit can can can can. We scored four and i don't know what the answer is It's not very zell or one of the top guys going. They don't have the depth scoring and that could cause a problem as they go through but they had a lot of success. And i really like the team that they depend. Well if i could go and obviously like you said very close to the great great coach i do. They have a shot this year. Old war i'm kind of looking at the modified playoffs. You know where everybody's talking. 'bout the bobble and and i think it goes for the same with the nba in the nhl some teams which is better off or better suited for playing in the and they had the covert break you come back and some teams just into excel in that situation where it was the islanders success last year that they were just built better for that that kind of playoff run. But l think it's the nhl right. I don't care compare the nhl to the nba nba. Got three good players. Getting on you you give me two all stars. I really strong guy. I'll i'll take your team every day of the week. That's the raptors in the nba struggle. This year they don't have Three altars they don't even have to also they they have one in kyle lowry so you know you look at that point of view Hockey's hockey's different. You get a hot goaltender you can happen. You get a team that works really hard and you're going to have success and they can have that the nfl. So no i. i don't count the now. i bet on them. No no i wouldn't bet on Unless the number was right so they're good good hockey team but they're not one of my favorites in the eastern conference. Who do you see going what. What are your favorite team right now. A conference on both sides semifinals. While i i would. Yeah i know. I know you got the sports going on your betting guy. You know i. I love him obeys so i i think kucherov does come back And what they're doing without Kucherov in that lineup. I think it's pretty impressive. I'm still a boston fan boston. Even what they've lost as he can play a five four game. I think they can play it to one game. I think that's that's really really big carolina's a sneaky one. They're you know they're they're they're one of those teams. That young fast got great defense. They've used three goalies this here Carolina's one of those teams only for the money that that you get. If you're betting Betting with them right and on western conference. There's only two teams for me. I think between las vegas and colorado colorado my sort of the year Tillman cars Know the petra guys they have brunswick score so Colorado me vegas what they're doing especially flurry. And that's i mean he's an awesome man. Good I want to get to the betting stephanie. Get to that in just a second. I just want to get back to your playing days a little bit..

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