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Hour of seven seven says are you not going to talk about Big Brother well how about tomorrow I got to watch it today I'm so sorry but it like the day away from yesterday hi I'm not caught up how and I fell asleep during the during the Wednesday of last week when I was in the hotel room watching it and you didn't watch last night no I couldn't I'm telling you I would I've been crazy busy no me like that I love that show and I want to catch up and I watch the necks of the tomorrow night the the at yesterday as well woman pulling your short shorts out from her middle at the grocery outlet yeah I aches she was completely unaware that anybody saw her I'm sure I don't know I don't care in relation to well you know because they're handling food alright and vegetables and reaching up in there track to pull your pants out in the room try to avoid touching your **** lawyer at the grocery store breezes wipe the put at the front I grab those why must my cart no money people's terms on well maybe she's not Jeremy Davis's act germs air clean Hines maybe maybe church for the people who are shorter but they're but they're dirty route you know can help it the world gets a dirty dirty girls and boys it Kelly now cut all that out a lot of people wrote in and I didn't I didn't have the story in front of me but there's a big story on hot oxy lot last night on sixty minutes and it's good because it's about the loss of their lawyers bringing up class action lawsuits against these companies that were feeding our country by the millions these out of these available have died right and thousands of people one of having to go get heroin because their doctor will give many more of the oxy that they've gotten addicted to unlike cigarettes these pills required doctor to prescribe we talked about that right why isn't anyone talking about their role in this well let them know we are we are talking about of the problem is then the doctor cut you off and you had it will get your your opiate somewhere else and guess where you get it on the street well I first started seeing those ads fish I don't even know how many years ago now but the ones where the lady they're talking about Tiffany never thought it would come to this and it shows her inner Kerr she owned buckled her seatbelt puts it in drive and drive straight into a wall and there's talk about how this Tiffany did this so she could go to the doctor get more pills and they're doing this based on real life stories yeah people hurt themselves so that they can go ask for pain killer right it's so sad these are people who had normal lives who had the unfortunate instance of getting some kind of injury and someone prescribe these to them over prescribed probably and they wind up in due in it's just it's horrible it ruins lives six five all says fuss last heard Vinnie at Stanford mall Saturday oh my god funny I'll stand for they heard you both when you say hi heather our way they were all the way across from there then other floor I went into the Kiehl's store hello I love that store did you see the motorcycle they have there motorcycle yeah they have a couple classic motorcycles unless they they maybe they moved them to different kill but they're really neat but I love going into that kills I didn't you buy some products while I was getting something in the lady goes say something else funny in a a what yeah I'm gonna make yeah are you doing my voice right there is going yeah anyway I and he likes our show we did some pictures then I got some hugs well hi gain fully consensual okay thank god full body contact now what I'm just like arms bent over yes that's too bad I stayed backed out I don't want no trouble nobody does had a hot Alice stream made out with many in front of an audience of a live morning also a pot luck were my dish was a hit okay pretty stoked great well what a fun event you tend to win win also a pot luck a one with a brush Facebook is not listening phones don't have enough processing or battery yeah whatever you say Steve Wozniak said they're listening Steve knows yeah plus audio so much easier than video I mean come on nothing the band with his tiny everything you say someone or some computer cares about it please listen for tips on how to sell you things I won't bother with it but there were a ton of store tax about Taylor swift story yes that they lover and summer like god she's awful yeah I'm interested to see how the whole thing is that this is all we hear of it or if it turns into like one of those long running saga is the roof well Taylor swift and screwed around gives or something to write about right true they still must own it was thrown they said I had to buy it Jansen no I had a chance to buy ammo boy think of a hole line ahead I'm a stop singing then should get fifty Bucks for getting all for those questions right morning quite impressed this person just six thirty fifty Bucks that's all well it shouldn't I don't like you re knows things fifty Bucks five Bucks is the going all eyes for one right yeah I was good that's why give the extra dollar for all for right what do you see here that we use these given fifty Bucks he said tell me give he could take a price somewhere around the room yeah yeah not what you want sure enough may not here I got a stack of posted not winning for now we'll be right back this summer and you won a Disney cruise line enjoy Disney magic in one of a kind entertainment the only.

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