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Third-down type guy who can run solid routes carry vince in junior from lsu. Another guy. i want to touch on real quick stepping in place slot undersized type of guy but good man coverage cornerback was versatile and could be a little bit better as a tackler a little bit stronger at the point of attack average. Get him in the seventh round. A lot of people were talking about him as a to pick not long ago. I think that's a solid addition. And i actually liked jonathan cooper. Went down on the senior bowl. love how he uses. His hands uses his leverage to his advantage. Because he's only about six foot three and actually has some solid pass rushing moves to be honest he get him in the seventh round. I think that's another solid dishes. I really did like this number broncos draft. I thought it was an attack a lot of key. Areas of denver team is denver. Team is in really really tough spot being in this division just in general and being able to cut of win in an invasion we interface. Patrick mahomes twice a year now. Justin herbert looks like he could be a real thing. And you don't really have a quarterback that's what's kind of holding me back from really loving this draft as the fact that they get at cornerback they still going to this year with teddy bridgewater and drew lock which is something that is going to inspire any hope like i said before. So that's what's holding me back but other than that. I did like the draft. Let's move on to the kansas city chiefs. Who did not have a first round pick because they traded it to the baltimore ravens for orlando brown. Which i mean that's excellent for the chiefs and if you look at the chiefs deal with their offensive line. They recognized that they needed help. Their that pat mahomes was just subjected to terrible over the line in the super bowl and it costs them the super bowl to be honest against tampa bay buccaneers and that pass rush so they went and they attacked the office of line and they brought in off of linemen. Who could really really help. But they do it in a variety of different ways. They gotta land brown baltimore. Who wanted out of baltimore's they're able to get him from. Afc a big abc rival. This is the perfect type of tackle. Who can come in here. Left tackle play on the left side reins one of the stick on the right side. Who wanted to be a left tackles and now he gets to be a left tackle with pat mahomes. Protecting patent homes really cool. Kyle long out of retirement. Which is awesome for them. They're going to get lorant. Do vernay cardiff back. Dr this season and then they end up selecting create humphrey in the second round. One of my favorite office of lyman oklahoma. And they brought in. Joe tony from the new england. Patriots talk about. Revamping a unit that struggled last year but to get to the draft to include orlando brown to this. I mean this draft is another great. 'cause you get nick bolton who a good downhill under-sized but packs a punch. I don't think he's as big of a liability and covers a lot of other people do but he's not going to be a man coverage that but he can drop to the certain depth and i mean short arms. That's not great cl- closing windows but he's a great field type of tackler. He's not a liability in that area. Great backside pursuit defender as well. And i think spag can do a lot of creative things. Nick bolton also send him on the blitz going to allow him in willie gay who they drafted out of mississippi state last year to be some exciting future linebackers here if they can develop and i have faith in spags develop and they still have anthony hitchens on the roster as well. They need to help defense out. Help that offense out and they help the offense out by going creed humphrey in the second round. He possibly step up and start over austin blythe we have to see. He's just an effective type of player. Uses his hands well strong at the point of attack incredibly smart played football at oklahoma. So i think that's just an excellent get for them. fourth round. Got joshua canedo from florida state defensive end high developmental upside spent a lot of time at florida's state injured in florida. State doesn't do the best job developing their talent. But this is somebody who's incredibly long six six hundred and sixty pounds. They just lost tano passing yo with a little bit then canedo but similar type of frames using in a similar type of fashion. Also stick him on special teams and they're still a lot of room to grow for someone like canedo and they won't. No noah great duke tight end. He somebody who isn't the best blocker but can definitely be a solid option as a receiver behind the travis chelsea's of the world and they also have kaiser their blink bell. I think no gray can step in and out compete with guys like blake belfer snaps. Because he's pretty good route runner. He's solid enough athlete and they get them in the fifth round not a terrible pick cornell pal clemson wide receiver and trey smith tennessee off guard out draft. Pow look was at clemson. It seemed like forever. No one really knew who he was and then his senior season he just ends up falling out showing how he has a good catch radius how he can run routes how he can manipulate cornerbacks his good smooth route running ability along with his strong hands so get in the fifth round and he gets to pair with tyreek. Hill michael harmon. They brought back to marcus robinson. I think powell going to be competing for that. Fourth wide receiver role with byron. Pringle hoop lot of snaps last year. They also have antonio. Calloway on the roster dory's fountain to a lot of people like the couple of years ago. Marcus so there's a lot of competition for cornell pass but cornell can beat those guys. I don't think he's going to be able to beat. The damarcus robinson's nickel hardman's obviously the tar heels of the world and then trey smith trey smith. He's had and down college career in the sense that he dealt with a lot of injuries he had the blood clot issues and it looks like a lot of teams. Were tentative to add him here. Because i wasn't high. Trey smith like a second round pick but i mean the fourth round. The third round even. He's somebody who's really really strong at the point of attack in his a road grader. Phone booth now want him kicking into space all that much. I felt like you had balance issues. Found himself on the ground just a little bit too often but as a run blocker just in a phone booth on down blocks or just a situation if you need a clear path he can do those things for you. Get him in a six round on an office of line. That look everything i just named before. Now you insert trey smith into that behind these guys and you also still have guys like mcgrady and wiley and some of these other prints take a new guy who you drafted last year. That's just a solid crew of developmental guys behind. What now is a solid offensive of line. Which was not last year but it was totally revamped and so many different ways. So i think kansas city's draft didn't have all that many picks just had the six selections and i think it was a pretty darn solid draft for andy reading company. But let's move on to the loss. Vegas raiders alright skipping. The charges go over them a little bit. the raiders. interesting to me. Okay they go with alex. Leatherwood out of alabama. They had that a lot of other people were going to pursue him. I'm not as high on leatherwood as people get him in the first round six for five three hundred twelve pounds. Good run blocker. I'm a little bit hesitant to say that. He is a good pass protector. But they're going to probably try to line him up on the right side of their offense. Now that colton miller has kind of stepped up sees the tackle position something that a lot of people including myself did not think he was going to be able to do. It was a slow transition but he ended up putting it all together and i'm not not in love with that pick but in the second round they go. Trevan moreso the tcu safety and actually do that. Pick is paul hawking type of safety somebody totally different than abrahams..

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