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Now, you're never gonna shut down Barrett a Williamson, but if you can make it uncomfortable for him and Quogue off that paint. I just think that they're not I don't wanna say vulnerable, but they're certainly not at their best. And then if you pay his rendition Duke, suddenly becomes half fourteen and again, they're just not super efficient. So I it's fascinating to me that we're in this position. I think it would have been catastrophic deal for the tournament. If we would have lost. I because I don't think there's another guy look at it. Like, you know, you know, you must see TV, then maybe our guest today grant Williams I mean, and and so feel the bone like those three guys basically tournament. I don't really know. If there is that. So I'm excited that do still playing in that sense. But because he the pressure has is gonna. Continue to to increase for them as we get closer and closer to the final four knee. It's only going to get harder for them to come away with victories especially once team's begin zone. Them up. If a team gets hot on one particular night or one of the big three I'm calling the big three now, and they're in college. But if one of the big three get some foul trouble or has off shooting night. All those things could determine the fate of that do program as they get closer to date in the final four it's gonna come down to execution. It's gonna come down to whether or not the other team has impact player you look at dock ins from UCF. He was an impact player guy capable of taking a game over and he did just that. And the most interesting part of all of this was the fact that. They were in that game for its entirety. They had two chances to win on the last possession. But ultimately missed miss. What would have been the game winner? Let me ask you from a standpoint of like watching great Dr play the tournament usually lend itself to great guards. We've seen the Kimball walkers Napier's and guys like J McCollum have incredible runs in the tournament fish shifting gears a little bit. I don't know how much you polish John Moran. But at least on the highlights and some some of the Murray state games. What what did you see from him that you think this guy can be a a real superstar or a real difference maker right away? As a pro. I liked him right away. I've been watching him throughout most of the season. You know, seeing his ability to to make his teammates better seeing the explosiveness his pace his vision. And how everyone kind of response to him around him seems like a very likable guy. And I think he had a great. Showing the tournament. He showed his ability to pass he showed his ability to lead a team. He controlled the pace of the game. He scored in a multitude of ways e finished around the basket. He drew fouls hit threes in that final game against Florida state in. Although the team was overmatched. They had a lot of land in they made it difficult for him. He dominated at first half end, basically scored twenty eight of his team, sixty points, whatever they ended up within kind show in what he could do in open floor would he could do it in a pick and roll and how he can really really adjust his game to the NBA in flourish. I I love to get. I think it upside is the roof. I think war is really high because ability to get downhill you, correct me if I'm wrong, but his ability to get downhill pick and roll run a team. He's a great passer, either Willie bachelor, he has a really special feel forgot it has not played on a basketball should more. Any plays with chip on his shoulder. You plays like a guy that I like you that wasn't recruited by all the big schools. And and just has that extra that you need to be a great pro is is all that fair. Yeah. That's definitely fair. I think the fact that he played in South Carolina small city was teammates with Diana wasn't recruited by the big schools..

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