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Right they all. Do Come on come on so they see you. In a dump truck. You turn a corner one little man. Falls on the ground, does he does green? But is that what? What, does. He do well In our? Pop and I'm getting? Out Man day probably the only thing that save you Gerald from probably getting rob were, about six foot six Over two hundred pounds that sound like a? Roofs to have you get out of your car any the still yo- truck a steal you Yeah well let me let me tell you what the rest of the story So they said he's gonna call the police Would you deception You know, you're trying, to you know What you just, did right And I played on You you ain't Not doing, nothing you I got the Taliban. Is I said Really Good I'm pretty sure Money out be where every. Day. I'm pretty sure Now Like that one I'll do it Yeah. About, bottled water. No get twenty A band Bill It is Get you anywhere That you know? What I mean You know so I Gave me You're probably right. About that Hopefully they won't do nothing because let me tell you when you see that usually full five of, them working together, like that they wave you do you some, do use some home generally Well actually.

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