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It's just ridiculous thing but obviously they didn't have anyone to advise thought that's a good point so anyway. I'm i'm reading this book. What the hell is this for. What is actually is four is that they've really was a campaign that they wanted more to participate in. It seems like there was som- asset that they were trying to hunt down who was gay who was in the and this is where it comes back to the connection to the soviets who was with the hollywood gay community and the hollywood gay community. This guy had a lot of connections and they were sending bill more into gay nightclubs and drag clubs to try and find this guy because he wouldn't react to a guy in drag egg. He seemed like they are now. At the whole thing sounds like a stitch-up i mean it sounds like this little boy's club in the air force special ops and they'd just say hey what what kind of prank we play on someone for the new year like what's on new thing this year. We'll just do an elaborate game and you know you can play along. It'd be fun. Let's let's pick this you afar research and send him into the underbelly of the gay guy night world and see how he fed well. I looked into the iraq because that's what i was thinking. Is this just are. They just having fun is that what's going on here. No see apparently what was going on is that there were groups that were connected with foreign intelligence agencies agencies so the intelligence agencies infiltrating into hollywood now of course they were you know and without being stereotypical there were a lot of gay people that were autistic working in hollywood and of course they were connected with the phenomenon and they were connected to the u._f._o. Phenomenon so what they were doing is that they will these guys that will working in in the <hes> in the film industry television industry and whatever else well working with people fraum u._f._o. Groups to get all these details about u._f._o..

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