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They are creating to create more products in this sort of lego fashion where you can drop you know the of six brick with a bunch of four bricks you already had them from the last kit we just have to shift them around and make the colors different alighted blot of engineering going on in that model three powerpacked gonna be the pact to end all packs robert the next letter confused the living daylights because it is from wom tulsen yeah i said oh it's tom won't way it's wom tolson yeah and it's a it's starts with an emotive conned that is sighing wireless wrong with it what did we do rubber again what did you do battery is a battery is eddery and i apologise last week i understand a ninevolt battery is a bunch of one in a battery now i understand the electric's of it but in for some reason when i look at that 21 seventy sell the her i think that's a battery a and that a power wall is a ton of those batteries and just battery australia is a ton oh these you can't say that on the show robert heirarchy it's absolute anarchy well but people come to miss our represents the metric in the to your anarchy the british royal yeah no i get it and then also wa if that is your name glad to hear that i'm no longer whining about autopilot john 05 and i say to you sir i have not yet received my car i will be complaining about it although i did not get autopilot i got enhanced driving you know that's something we really should talk about tom let's not talk about it now really okay let's talk about because people are receiving their configure email her this is my concern what's your concern robert i heard others talking about this as well like caleb was talking about this and i've given this much more thought oh good you get the opportunity yet.

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