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Eight five nine zero nine five seven, and we're going to issue a very special award. Just wait. I'm sorry that I wasn't here last week. It was more timely than but it's still time and we'll cover it for you on the Frank Beckmann show right here after Dick's news next here on WJR, Detroit. Seven sixteen. WJR news, Ken Rogulski. Security administration or TSA has been hit. With a case of the blue flu was hundreds of TSA employees have called in sick this week. Correspondent Rene Marsh reports. Senior officials with the agency dispute concerns over safety because of the shutdown. They say that the call outs began over the holiday, and they have increased, but he assays saying that these callouts are not yet at a significant level where it's impacting security procedures or wait times. However, many of the TSA officials that I'm speaking to says that could certainly change in the days or weeks to come as the shutdown drags on. A call was placed to officials at Detroit metro airport on whether the blue flu is spread to our area. No word yet. If there had been any delays on arrivals or departures enorthfield family of five killed when their vehicle they were riding in was struck by a drunk wrong way. Driver in Kentucky. Now funeral services are planned in two schools are dealing with the shock of the death of three children. The Abbass family was returning from vacation. In in Florida when the crash occurred, according to the Lexington police department a white pick-up truck going the wrong way on northbound. I seventy five when it hit the families SUV head on the SUV caught fire. The driver of the pickup Forty-one-year-old Joey Bailey of Georgetown, Kentucky was also killed the family Asama, boss. Dr Reema Abbass and their children fourteen year old Ali Isabela who's thirteen in Genucel is seven Dr Abbass worked at Beaumont Dearborn. She was a family practice doctor there. The family was involved in many community activities. Alina Isabella went to the hillside school Giselle went to the Amerman school district is already offering counseling to the children. The district says it's making plans to recognize an honor the lives of the Abbass children visitation is that the Islamic center of America in Dearborn on Ford road services will be held tomorrow at nine thirty AM at the Islamic center in the family will be buried at noon Tuesday at the Islamic memorial gardens in. In westland. He's doing court today because he brought a loaded gun to school. And he's only ten years old with more WJR's. Gene, Fogel, police say the boy brought the gun to the Spain elementary and middle school on December fifth and other students. Saw the gun and told a teacher the student was stopped. And searched officials say there was no evidence he planned to use the gun at school. A hearing scheduled for today in the Lincoln hall of Justice. The boy has been suspended from school. His mother said the boy had been therapy before. And we'll be home schooled for now. Gene, Fogel, WJR news. It wasn't the night that the stars of the star is worn movie and hope for Jim Roope reports. However, it wasn't completely left out of the win column at the Golden Globes last night, the fourth remake of a star is born was expected to take the top categories. But one only one that's the original song. Shallow. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much everyone. We're so happy to be here. Lady Gaga may have been vested in the best actress category, but says she's a winner for being part of this project. The screenplay was brilliant. I was so so inspiring book was named best comedy film on the TV side. The Kaminsky method won for best comedy series and the Americans won for best drama series. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. And with a look at sports, here's Sean. Well, good morning everybody. The capital's knock off the wings by a score of three two two yesterday at Little Caesars arena wings have the day off return to action and conclude a five game homestand in a tilt against the Montreal Canadians. Little Caesars arena will be busy tonight. However as the pistons hosts the San Antonio Spurs. How 'bout Michigan basketball? They knocked off Indiana, seventy four to sixty three they moved to fifteen and oh on the season and a two way tie between Michigan and Michigan state atop the big ten standings college football season ends tonight. Alabama and Clemson, eight o'clock college football national championship game. I'm Shawn baligian. Seven sixty WJR sports, traffic and.

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