Donald Trump, Schumer, Joe Joe Scarborough discussed on Chris Merrill


The from the from the party that walked away from dhaka deal you know you have maybe eight hundred people were more fearful president trump doubled it almost doubled the number is schumer and the democrats walked away why because they don't want to solve the problem they want to keep it as a wedge and here's this as hat talking about this bit so many people would have been living in fear president trump is a fear monger back to morning joe joe scarborough is saying the president is purposefully causes the markets to drop why because he's picking on decent hardworking business owners like jeff bezos now that he's not but usually no one a democrat is in charge the we hate the rich we hey business owners this corporate america morning joe sticking up for corporate america blaming trump for the stock market woes cut eight you look at the trump tariff tax you look at the fact that he's now attacking amazon he's causing the tech sector to collapse his trade wars are causing of course the overall market collapse it's going down four percent this year not because of any economic changes that have occurred in fact economy's doing pretty well it's his own erratic behavior inside the white house that's causing this drop so we still pushing this narrative of white house that is in chaos and even in that little clip right there joe scarborough had to admit that the economy is doing good it wasn't doing good under obama it wasn't going under obama so we got to throw away he's what does he do the economy's doing good and here he is attacking people like amazon again this president they cannot they can't complimentary of the cat acknowledge anything you've never seen one segment of any of these shows it just one full segment be from commercial the commercial that's impreza for anything that trump has done oh wait a minute close wait wait wait a minute before they got the.

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