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Anybody comedy it's a comedy. It's a half hour comedy right. They just finished the second second season. Hbo max hilarious. You can whiz through the whole season two seasons in in an afternoon and night. I knew even here the show with a month ago. I can't say how many people besides you like normal. People can't fuck in whiz through two seasons in a night the half out do the half job folks. Just ten episodes exactly ten episodes half hour hours just during the day russia. Show don't have fucking kids man. That's what i'm saying. No jokin aside. here's a sect amina adan with twenty promo code even spread it out with like i stumbled upon the show. I've literally never heard of it. And you know i'm a tv guy. All the shit. I saw the other two and season to each max. I was like wait a minute. I mean we'd heard a season one. And i put it on and it was on. It's come to find out. It was on comedy central. This show absolutely fucking hilarious. I blog about their wrote a big blog. Saying if you're looking for comedy show watch the other two. It's outta watched the first season it's on. Hbo max's well. So like even though comedy central aired the first season it's still on. Hbo max so you can go back. And it's just it's a brilliant satire pop culture a culture like i mean the simpsons a hilarious that shit this show actually in some ways reminded me of the simpsons about how fun ain't listen. It's not a cartoon tune how much it satirized like pop culture in internet culture and like it was like oh my god the way. This show is funny reminds me of help. The simpsons was funny. I know why you love it so much. And i'm going to check it out and i'm not seeing as collectively the simpsons but the jokes they make on the same level take one. Ra start tonight with my girlfriend. Ted lasso succession or the other to which one you want me to start. Stop the other two. Because it's a good goofy huma said if you have one show to watch secession. So he changed his mind although he said right now and that's biz like on his own level so i i was coordinating the for him. Not you know. I love your recommendations. You told me these town and i talk show. It was unreal. I binged watched. That turned an ra. I went straight. I think it was about eight hours of of shows. I went through the night. I had one other thing written down here wit you. You mentioned the nypd f- ny hockey game on espn two. You said it was amazing. It was one of the best hockey games we've ever watched. It was unbelievable. These guys were. It was full hitting bro. Full heading killing each other out there or brawling. It was unbelievable. There was fight. The msg was fucking sold out. Buccigross kevin weekes ryan callahan on the broadcast for espn like. It was the twentieth anniversary of nine. Eleven and this game was fireworks at this point. It's like you know there's only so much to be said right. People can't watch it but holy shit it was it was so entertaining unreal hockey. Was it like fifty fifty. As far as the people were rooting for. I felt like i felt like it was fifty fifty..

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