Suzanne Duval, Wednesday, Fitch Ratings discussed on Kentuckiana's Morning News


To speed on this side of the Waterson. Passed the fair grounds enough to hospital curve. Our next report in 10 minutes I'm Bobby Ellis News Radio 8 40 w H A s I'm Wook. Why Meteorologist a mammal? Oh, ceviche with the Thursday forecast that is starting out dry, but we're going to increase cloud cover through the afternoon. Watch for chances of some scattered showers and storms as we head into the evening hours highs near 66 degrees. That rain will end overnight with lows at a chilly 46. We hit 65 with a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow and a slight chance of a spotty shower in the afternoon. It looks cool to start the mother's Day weekend. Just 59 on Saturday with a chance of rain that you're wook. Why forecast a mammal Osa Veg, Kentucky Anna's breaking news, weather and Traffic station. Use radio Wait 40 w H A s Louisville and I Heart radio station. Good morning. It's six o'clock. I'm Well, Clark news radio a 40 wh s Our top story is in Frankfurt. That is where on Wednesday, Governor Andy Bashir discussed The state's financial situation, announcing that one of the big three credit rating agencies improved the state's financial outlook. From negative to stable, the governor says. That's good news for the economy. Suzanne Duval has more of report from Fitch Ratings says it reflects the Commonwealth solid ability to control revenues and expenditures to maintain fiscal balance, a declining reliance on one time measures and an elevated but still moderate long term liability position in a YouTube video governor Bashir applauds the news, saying the improvement further indicates Kentucky is poised to sprint out of the pandemic. These air all.

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