Tillman, Mestre discussed on The Fighter & The Kid - TFATK Episode 291


Yeah you guys just think differently outdo were putting pressure on i maybe i've been acting longtime pretty good at reading human behavior tillman i'm gonna have to say that there's something has gone on that's okay something else goes veils run besides being gay nahra clearly it i don't know yet in our care but i think um ever the been my feeling is that it's it's right now is new territory and it's a little awkward for your right hold on my you don't think i've dated plenty of times in my own nominal odds are you have i just think it's been let one african my ex girlfriend a jacuzzi hot chooses what what are you talking about kept once you saw a lot of those are less frenzy noah best friends you guys see my best friends thousafor summa sarin like here's this for me i feel like you're an intelligent handsome guy with with some so i'm good job having trouble understanding why you're not interested but maybe you're just not physically into it right physically into my maybe you're just don't have a sex drive for whatever is low you guys mentioned that before but apparently obvious that either man like if you start work i feel like we want it more than he does yeah that's where it is yeah you guys want a worm were couple one you guys want me to refer to your guy bone down every chicken that will that try his ankle that's right because we're a couple of one to me that's five for it fine by at least take some swings my father by the way a why i've had conversations with him and that guy that guy had said to me i was just very picky ameri said you're not picky i was picky i was like our picky you know and the i had comes as i like did you put it down he's like now never really did was kind of a one girl so some guys are are you one two one girl type of guy chin i've never leg mestre honor the ah we raised you are very strict with us christian even do break breakup when we had like time off energy needs until we were up because of lack of options.

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