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That's what walkers are made out of, and I think whoppers are repulsive. Amen. It just Hasely could sweet dirt. Yeah, it's very, very dry chocolate. My like low key elitist opinion is that most chocolate is horrible because it's like like her. She's not actual chocolate, right? But that is like the most mainstream chocolate next, I feel like I've been on the record about this before chocolate and peanut butter together. I'm not a huge fan. I get it on my list of grievances. It's not high, but I wouldn't seek it out. It is my favorite combination. I think peanut butter dries out most things if it's not made properly. And so you get like a nice moist chocolate bit and then just dry chalky peanut butter bit, I get that, but peanut butter can be so creamy and delicious. And like almost, you know, smooth. Yeah, that's the definition. Don't disagree what peanut butter is. I love that combination. Moving on character is good. Zucchini bread is bad. I don't. I have always loved carrot cake. We go to old country buffet before we got kicked out and I won't repeat that whole story here. Those of you who know it? No, it and I, they always had care cakes that they would serve in like little bowls and I always loved it and they painted a little carrot on top. But then then I started getting introduced other vegetable based, cakes and breads, and I was like, fuck you. I don't. I don't have time for a green based food. Any green based food really. People always defended by being like it makes it so Moya's. I don't care how wet of a bread I get from putting a fucking sue caney in it. I'm not gonna DEP a cucumber into the spread just to make you happy next, any frozen dessert that isn't ice cream is horrible. Only maybe July auto because that's just like ice cream with extra scream smashed into it, basically custard not into it. And that's just Aggie ice cream? Yeah, I in yogurt. I'm not like I'll eat it, but. Considered ice cream, but no. Well, I don't think anyone does. I mean, people will like do it as a substitute, and that's not okay. I think of frozen yogurt or something you eat before the meal and ice cream. You have our, it gets your Palo ready. S'more smarts are you're never you. I've never met anybody who has made a perfects more. It's impossible. It's an impossible task because you set the fuck and marshmallow on fire, and then you. It's like you have to fuck in wrangle it. You have to wrangle the flaming marshmallow onto a wedge of Graham cracker that you've had to like pick ax apart, and it's never a perfect square. It's always a jagged piece of Graham cracker. And then a jagged piece of chocolate and then you the marshmallow on or marshmallow as they say in London, and then you bite into it and it's like you're biting into fucking the Pillsbury. Doboy is a hot semen because the inside of the marshmallow just bursts out and God forbid you get any of it on your skin because that won't come off ever. I have marshmallow stains on my face been there for ten years from the last time I tried to make s'mores. Also, it's disgusting to put a marshmallow on a stick that you found outside. What am I fucking dogged? I'm not gonna put a stick in my math and finally marriage. She no cherries or repulsive there. The devils cherry. I cannot believe that we accepted that as a son, Sunday finisher for for millennia. We just accepted that you can put stop sign red cherry on top of it. Just slathered in like the grossest syrup. You can possibly imagine, are they? Are they real cherries? I think it's a real cherry. That's been like just like finger blasted. It's sugar. Well, let's look it up mayor. She know cherry is a preserved sweetened. Cherry typically made from light-colored sweet cherries in their modern form..

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